Distant Vuka is not in full due to conflicts, I am from the University of Olomouc

For the time being, neither the university nor the private Moravsk High School in Olomouc have confirmed the return of distance learning.

Palacky University in Olomouc e, how to cope with rising energy prices. Energy at the Palacky University in Olomouc is fixed until the end of the calendar year. In our case, you will not reach the price increase. At the moment, however, the purchase of electricity and gas will be similar from January 2023, said university spokesman Egon Havrlant.

According to him, the university is considering several controversial issues that would affect both students and teachers.

One of them is to at least send the wind to the summer months. Then make maximum use of the room so that the air accumulates in a small sweat during the day, said Havrlant.

Distant versus distant wolf

For the time being, the bike management is not thinking about the established distance between vehicles, as was the case during the coronavirus epidemic. Walking on it is not easy. It must be approved by the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education. All fields of study must fulfill the conditions under which they were granted accreditation. Full-time studies are also included.

Palacký University does not even fulfill the obligation to send its employees to the home office. Get ready to take care of yourself, who will try to reduce energy costs.

We are going to challenge our students, as well as the employees of Palacký University, to help them overcome the problem with their own responsible approach, we would like to motivate them to questionable behavior, if they talk to the fact that the wheels prepared a simple ten for energy dispute.

Paragraph technology is not possible

Houk Kola has many highly sophisticated scientific and research facilities where, according to Havrlant, it is not possible to limit the operation of the assembly, even with regard to the nature of the equipment used.

The stage of these technologies, which must be carried out professionally, would cost us much more in the end, not when we keep them in operation at least to the minimum necessary extent, he added.

The Moravian University of Social Sciences in Olomouc does not consider the established distance education because of the high cost of energy, and plans to end the academic year as standard at the end of June.

Moravsk vysok kola Olomouc is renting the most modern premises of the BEA Center, which was built with energy in mind, used heat pumps and set up contractual relations with energy suppliers, said Ida Wiedermannov, the wheel’s operational and staff editor.

Half of the high schools in the Czech Republic have energy contracts until the end of the year, the jump in energy prices in the fifth year is similar to that of all universities.

Paying for energy for the year 2023 at the current price development is beyond the capabilities of high-speed bikes without the help of the state, pointed out the chairman of the Council of High-Speed ​​Bikes, Milan Pospil.

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