Doctor Ruzhentsova spoke about antibodies arising after COVID-19 disease

Deputy Director for Clinical Work, Moscow Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology named after V.I. G.N. Gabrichevsky Rospotrebnadzor, Doctor of Medical Sciences Tatyana Ruzhentsova spoke about the antibodies that appear in the body after a COVID-19 disease.

“Antibodies to cells of various human organs and tissues, or autoantibodies, are present in all people. They are necessary to cleanse the body of old dead cells … Such autoantibodies are sometimes called scavenger antibodies, ”quotes RIA News Ruzhentsov.

She noted that with any infectious disease, the number of dying cells is growing.

“The stronger the manifestations of the infection, the greater their number, which requires the active work of scavenger antibodies. Therefore, we expect an increase in the number of autoantibodies in those who have undergone COVID-19, ”the doctor added.

Ruzhentsova clarified that with a large amount of damage, more active antibodies can be produced, which can also show aggression against living cells.

Formerly virologist Elena Malinnikova spoke about the features of T-cell immunity.

Infectious disease doctor Nikolai Malyshev, Doctor of Medical Sciences, in an interview with Nation News reminded of the importance of observing preventive measures against the background of the detection of the Omicron coronavirus strain.

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