Dominika Myslivcov revealed her Zdenda: Business in the USA and copper food is not pleasant for him

At that time, it seemed that he would not appear at the gala premiere of the film The Indian starring Karl Rodin on the day of his appearance. But at the last moment she gasped Dominika Myslivcovwho took a selfie on the red carpet in front of the photographers and had the bald-headed elegant Zdeka Ch.

I don’t drink much, I almost never manage to drink a full glass of wine, but maybe it was a little filling. The best for the end said Expresa na vod Myslivcov, who spoke for the first time about how she got together with her boyfriend.

We met during covid, thanks to a colleague, then we got confused and how it turned out. Nothing extra romantic, such a normal list. But we started dating not long ago. I am the hardest person to beat, guys have a hard time with me. He drove me to say it right Dominika laughed.

It took about a year for Zdeka to get Dominika Myslivcov together.

No one will get under my ki, take it. I’m not the type of girl that someone meets and immediately stops dating. I had to go with another partner, so I didn’t even look for other flies. We started dating, and when did we break up with the previous guy. Had a hard time and I get along with him like a hunter. I laugh with him and I need that. The most important thing for me is to have someone next to me who is completely at ease and as long as I can make you laugh, described the sex bomb, 285 thousand people follow her on Instagram.

Dominika Myslivcov with her dog Zdek at the bar

During the short period of their relationship, Zdek and I managed to take several vacations together, and soon they are going to travel from Estonia again.

We were photographed on the flight in Dubai, then we were also in other cities, and I hope that we will fly to warm countries again one day, added Dominika.

After the film premiere, Dominika and Zdenk spent some time in a bar. While Myslivcov was interviewed, the businessman avoided contact with the newspaper.

Dominika Myslivcov showed the dog Zdek.

The Instagram star then asked her partner to take some nice photos of her on the red carpet. Zdenek, who at first glance is not a typical selfie, had no problem with it, and Dominic was happy to oblige.

Sweating together in front of the Expres photographer, they ran to Domina’s parked Mercedes.

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