Dress like an American student. Preppy style is also for vs

a day of wonder or giggle with amusement, even if it’s been many years since you went for a bike ride, you’ll remember it with nostalgia. For classmates, for teachers and for what you were wearing on your reindeer back then.

When you get your favorite pair of pants or a T-shirt, you can shake it off. Probably no one would build a daily style on that, he thinks vs.

I mean, if you had spent a billion in America and visited a circle where students dress specifically, everything would be completely different. In colloquial English, the word preppy is used to describe a student of a private, middle school, gymnasium, after which he somehow automatically goes to university.

He is rich and ambitious, he can behave and dress in such a way that he could easily be ten or fifty. He usually goes to the bike in his uniform, but because he is used to wearing it all day, there is a bit of uniformity in his private attire as well. The latter is an isolated slut and full of characteristic, unadorned male bits.

The boys usually wear t-shirts with a strap and trousers, they don’t miss a jacket and a scarf (you like to tie it around your neck), turbans, in their spare time they enjoy horse riding, playing golf or flying on a yacht, they have a similar uniform, but of course only if it is a sport. Otherwise, you have enough clothes and a metallic stretch skirt below the knee and a button-up cardigan, the whole thing is very decent, but the individual pieces are pretty colorful and sweet to the last detail.

You don’t have to immediately embrace the preppy style, you can get something interesting out of it. For example, a tie and a small tied under the collar of a white coat or, at first glance, a settled combination of blouses and skirts, which you complement with punchy and expensive-looking feathers.

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