Drugs have been there and always will be. They cannot be eradicated by persecution, says Adam Mišík

For photos from the world premiere of your new film BANGER. at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival, you wrote “the best week of my life” on your Instagram. Was that an exaggeration, or did you really feel that way?
I meant it honestly, it was surreal. I really enjoyed the movie and was actually quite sad when it ended.

Did you see him for the first time in Vary?
Yes, I saved that experience for the big screen. And on top of that, the nervousness, expectations, reactions of those around you, you never know what to expect. Reviews usually end up being rather bad, but this time it was different and it’s very nice.

I have to admit that the exceptionality of the cast did not reach me that much at the time. Only in retrospect do I realize how lucky I was to meet such legends on the very first shoot.

Adam Mišíkabout the filming of Beauty in Trouble

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