Due to the disaster in 24 districts of the Kuban, a high alert mode was introduced

In 24 municipalities of the Krasnodar Territory, a high alert mode was introduced due to bad weather and a sharp cold snap.

“Rescue, road, utilities and other services are working in an enhanced mode,” the regional operational headquarters said in a statement.

As the press service of the Main Directorate of the EMERCOM of Russia for the region clarified, in the Temryuk region two mobile heating points have been deployed on the 130th kilometer of the A-290 federal highway near the village of Taman, consisting of ten people and five units of equipment.

Also, in the event of a worsening of the situation with the rampant elements, rescuers are ready to equip heating points in places most susceptible to snow drifts and congestion.

In conditions of snowfall, the emergency department pays special attention to long routes, along which there are no settlements, cafes, hotels and other infrastructure facilities in which drivers in a difficult situation can receive the necessary assistance. It is in such places that rescuers deploy task forces equipped with heavy equipment.

There are four emergency warnings in the Kuban. In the region, it is predicted that wet snow will adhere to wires and trees, as well as ice. In Anapa, Novorossiysk, Gelendzhik – a strong wind. In Apsheronsky, Belorechensky, Seversky and Tuapsinsky districts, Anapa, Gelendzhik, Goryachy Klyuch and Sochi – snow and rain floods.

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