Durov promised to remove advertising from government channels in Telegram – RBK

After the launch of the Telegram advertising platform, an advertisement for a resource about cryptocurrencies suddenly appeared on the FSIN channel, and tips for those who want to dress fashionably appeared on the channel of the Moscow prosecutor’s office.

The founder of the Telegram messenger Pavel Durov in his chat, answering questions from users and toldthat soon advertising will disappear from Telegram channels owned by government agencies and officials.

“It was temporary, now we are excluding the channels of government officials and government organizations from the advertising platform,” he said.

Until now, Telegram is financed from the personal funds of Pavel Durov, a significant part of which was received by him as a result of the sale of a stake in VKontakte. In December 2020, the founder of the messenger announced about the future monetization of Telegram and said that server maintenance costs him hundreds of millions of dollars a year. These funds can no longer be paid from their own savings, Durov noted. He named several possible options for earning income. For example, in addition to the introduction of advertising posts, the extended functionality of the messenger can become paid. Another monetization option is the emergence of paid stickers.

In early November, the messenger started appear advertising messages. They appear in major public channels and look like a regular post, although they are labeled as advertisements. While the function is in test mode, Telegram will receive all the profits, it will be used to service the messenger. After the advertising platform is fully launched, the owners of the channels in which the ads are displayed will be able to receive part of the income from it.

The minimum budget for launching an advertising campaign on Telegram is € 2 million. Advertising messages can appear in public channels with at least 1,000 subscribers. The maximum size of an advertising publication is 160 characters.

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