Elderly take large doses of vitamin D increases cancer risk – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Long-term use of vitamin D without indications in old age can increase the risk of cancer. This conclusion was reached by Australian scientists from the KIMRA Medical Research Institute, having examined more than 20 thousand people over 60 years old.

As follows from materials published in a reputable medical journal The lancet, the study lasted for five years. All this time, the patients took gel capsules once a month. Half of the subjects had a placebo in the capsule, the others – 60,000 IU of vitamin D. This is a very large dose, for comparison, one tablet of vitamin D, which can be bought in Russian pharmacies, contains 1000 IU.

During the research, 1100 people died from various causes. Of these, 538 took placebo, 562 – vitamin D. Analyzing the reasons for the death of the subjects, the authors of the study found that among those who took the vitamin, the death rate from cancer was 15 percent higher.

Also, scientists periodically measured the level of vitamin D in the blood of about 4 thousand participants in the experiment. Those who took placebo – this figure was 77 nanograms per milliliter, in those receiving vitamin D – 115.

By the way, for adults, the normal level of vitamin is from 30 to 100, if the indicator exceeds 150, then this may indicate an intoxication of the body.

What is the reason for the greater number of cancer deaths in the group taking vitamins remains to be seen by scientists. But even now Australian researchers say with confidence that in order to prescribe large doses of vitamins, it is necessary to undergo preliminary screening and if there is no deficit, then it is necessary to adjust the doses of drugs.

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