Election 2021 | Municipal elections 2022: darkness in the cities of the Olomouc region

Considering the uncertain development and the enormous municipal debt of over 1.7 billion crowns, this is understandable. The editors of MF DNES outline what can be expected from the elections in Olomouc and what will happen.

Who will be the prime minister?

With regard to the overall aggressive campaign and the amount of attention that the chairman of the ANO movement, Andrej Babi, can attract, his fellow party member and the current mayor of Olomouc, Miroslav bnek, has a lot of time to spare. With a strong election result, he could remain in charge of the town hall. The rest of the party’s procrastination is blamed mainly on the Obansk Democrats, the People’s Party (now they form the TOP 09 coalition TOGETHER), who together shaped Olomouc for twenty years. If the now united ANO, ODS, KDU-SL and SPOLen were to be closed, it would be surprising if ANO ended up in the opposition again after all these years.

Are new ones coming?

Party leaders rely on name recognition. For example, with ANO, only the positions changed in the first fifteen. And until today, the unknown people’s unit of Kellner’s blood will pay TOGETHER. With a good offer, the two-year group ProOlomouc+Pirti, STAN+Zelen, SPD+Trikolora is more accurate. The alliance also facilitates the filling of 45 places for female candidates, who had a problem, for example, communists. They and at first the entire place was occupied by pensioners. The Social Democrats had to try the hardest, and they nominated a number of independent candidates under the Olomouan banner. They wanted to make it clear to them that with the old SSD, they got into the council last time extremely narrowly with a result of 5.01 percent, have nothing to do with it. He will certainly return his position in the TOGETHER TOP 09 coalition, which in 2018 ended up below the five percent threshold.

ance mench parties?

The opposition parties, even those with the same sweat, are worthy of the message. However, when their houses are assembled, there wouldn’t be much left on the current town hall, so it won’t work. It must be respected that, on the other hand, the communists are preparing for the worst and recognize that after ten years in the parliament, the party has rejuvenated very little. If two-party coalitions promise a stronger representation on the political stage, they can cause confusion among voters with regard to the partner party. In such a case, voters can resort to any candidate. According to political scientists, it is not possible to expect drastic changes towards the top of the candidate list due to the way the vote is gathered.

Same fees, suitable travel dates?

From Psaha to ANO, all parties promise to maintain prices and discounts on public transport, the fall of their families, the right to a smart calculation of the price of a ride and the introduction of cheaper journeys. It is similar with fees for waste or for a dog, sometimes in the form of a reward for choosing to live permanently in Olomouc. The basic salary of the transport company should therefore still be 18 crowns.

Is housing among the priorities?

He also hopes that the city will start to act in the area of ​​housing. At the end of the election period, the YES movement and the TOGETHER parties prepared or bought projects for apartment buildings or starter and affordable housing, totaling about eleven apartments. Which parties are going to drive dl. For Olomouc and Pirti, he talks about a hundred apartments in three years, Olomouc about two hundred years, with the note that it is not necessary to talk about communal apartments, but cooperative ones, with which the mayor would help you administratively.

Will there be a resident parking lot?

Where it is possible, it would be built with the use of subsidies, a lot of European ones, which also attract parties who are otherwise critical of the European Union, i.e. the SPD with the Tricolor. According to the program of the Olomouc parties, a lot of money should go into the construction of parking lots. It should be abundant in parking garages between panels and in designated parking lots. For example, STAN and Zelen want within ten years thousands of new walls on the roads, TOGETHER P+R type parking in the directions from Ostrava, Brno, Turnberk. However, there are different views when it comes to the parking lot resident. Currently, the parties are in favor, the coalition, which ultimately did not launch the new parking policy, is against.

How will the winter stadium turn out?

In five years, the new representative should decide which path to choose in the face of the problem with the ice surface. There is only one in the city, and the one at the aging winter stadium. Will the city, on the developer’s offer, be subject to the operation of the so-called hall in Velkomoravsk street for a lifetime now estimated at roughly 100 million ron for a period of 10 years? Or will he use his own prepared reconstruction project for several hundred million? Will there be a small town hall where the public could go? It was not decided before the election, in addition to personal and political preferences, the economic insight of Olomouc would also play a role.

The parties are united by the problem of thorn and grass

In municipal elections, the parties rarely agree on many points of view. In Olomouc, for example, there is an attack on the preservation of public transport fares, and there will be a lot of darkness. You want to protect and grow green. Olomouc is proud of its parks, and the parties are therefore committed to maintaining and promoting them. Cabbage would probably be sent out along side streets or in new avenues. Politicians promise to improve the construction of cycle paths. They do not lead to towns on the outskirts of the city just a few kilometers away (Chomoutov, Drodn, Topolany), although there is a high demand for food. This also applies to trips from villages to the city (stn, tpnov, Hnvotn). The fee is easily paid online, as well as issuing parking cards, mobile city applications, including foreign language versions. According to the parties’ promises about progress in digitization, papr and as should be included in the five election period. Preservation of the thorn and vegetable market is a priority for the parties. There are opinions on whether to buy out the historic building near Trit, and to look for one with a private owner. Vichni agrees that the ground is a disgrace to the center.

Elections in district towns

Ten subjects are running for the representative seat in Prostjov. Compared to the previous municipal elections, the mistakes of Change for Prostjov, who won those mandates all those years ago. The ANO movement, Pvko, SSD and ODS are currently led. The main problems can be seen in the lack of parking spaces, weak housing developments, shrinking of the population and apartment greenery. The coalition failed to complete the promised repair of the Cultural and Social Center. Defending the new subjects, they promise to fix it. The movement Na rovinu!, KDU-SL, SPD, Allies for Prostjov and Pirti are vying for votes.

According to the opposition, the Perov coalition of the ANO, ODS, KDU-SL and TOP 09 movements did not achieve the goal it had promised all those years ago. According to opposition politicians, Neeila, for example, lost the Stroja hotel, which is useless. ANO promises before the vote that it will help residents with energy prices and repair city apartments. Among the priorities of KDU-SL and TOP 09 are maintaining a sustainable price of heat and building Strojae for housing. Spolen also promises a nice hotel for Perov, KSM and the Pirt party Courage to change Perov. For the Pomhme mťu ODS party and independent personalities, it is a thorn in the side of the road. The availability of housing is also difficult for Mayors and independents, just like for SSD. The party for the prosperity of the city of Perova promises to implement photovoltaics on the roofs of the city’s buildings and the construction of parking garages. The parking lot is a must for KSM. Increasing the capacity of the home for the elderly by completing the new pavilion is a priority for the Srdce Perova party, and Pirti promises the construction of etov parks in its program.

Setting up municipal elections in Umpérka will be about the biggest investment in the modern history of the city. It is about the overall reconstruction of the Umperka House of Culture, which, according to unofficial estimates, could cost up to 300 million crowns. There are currently two factions in the electoral parties. One advocates a generous and very expensive reconstruction, the other, on the other hand, calls for destruction. 11 electoral parties are running in the umperka. For six candidates, a political party appears in the name: ODS, KSM, Esk Pirtsk strana, SPD, ANO 2011 group and Nezvisl, the other electoral party is the Social Democrat, Green and independent personalities. Under the heading Heart for umpers, voters will find KDU-SL and Nezvisl, umpers include STAN and TOP 09. The elections include Nezvisl volba, Sdruen Pro Region and Nezvisl, umpers and Rozumn.

In Jesenek, the construction of cooperative apartments in the city’s management, which was started by the current council, is an established topic. In the district town in the north of the region, there is a desperate lack of housing for young people. Perhaps all electoral parties agree on this topic, i.e. Nezvisl Jesenk, Jesenit 2022, Jesenk srdcem, Hnut ANO and SSD, Pro Jesenk and Spolen. (red)

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