Election 2021 | The coalition in st nad Orlic pushed through. He wants to cut her again

In 2019, the st nad Orlic council decided to double the property tax. The coefficient went from equal to one to two. It was asserted by pointing to the operating data of the company in connection with the increase in the price of coal energy by SNK Ouci, the joint ventures, ODS and KDUSL. Two aunts’ representatives voted for it.

Before the elections, however, he appeared in two programs full of twists and turns. During the day, the inhabitants lived a great life. I think that the city shouldn’t take its toll on the people, said the leader of the Frum group, Petr Strko, who raised his hand as only SNK Ouci. It was a mistake, ekl.

Who goes to the polls?

in st above Orlic

YES Jaroslav ehek

KDUSL Michal Kokula

KSM Milo Tesa

ODS Matou Poick

SNK Ouci Petr Hjek

SPD and Pavel Maixner did not hang

stack Frum Petr Strko

st ije Ji Preclk

Property tax is the only large tax that the council can influence with its decisions. The coefficient for calculating the tax should range from a basic equal to one to five, depending on the elected representative. In the past, Lower Morava adopted a coefficient of 5 for the inclusion of real estate tax, in Chrudim it is equal to 4, Litomyl approved a coefficient of 3, the same as above Orlic, i.e. a coefficient of 2, not far from Amberk.

Snen dan na rove 2019 is proposed by mayor Petr Hjek. The leader of SNK Ouci dominates municipal politics there at the age of twelve and has pushed through the day in the council. According to him, the proposal is not populist.

In 2019, when property taxes were rising, the family budget was not at risk, we did not face the pandemic, inflation, energy problems and wolves, said Hjek during the debates of the leaders of the electoral parties on Mal scn st nad Orlic.

According to him, this is one of the small steps in how I can help people. The dream day, if the new city leadership agreed on it, would honor the people at the latest in 2024. Hjek is a fool to whistle that it would not have to remain at the same level.

It doesn’t mean, as long as it’s open, that we can’t have another election period in some time horizon, she said.

Paradoxically, both SPD and ANO do not go that far in their programs, and just insist that property taxes do not increase.

KDUSL leader Michal Kokula court that the proposal is just part of a political game. 8.5 million crowns, for which the city would drink, would be missing. As things stand, it is not drastic at all, we increased the coefficient to level two, and according to the forecast, it is a possible spread of 1.1 and 5. It will be a light populist game for us to return it, he said during the discussion.

The leader of the ODS, Matou Poick, sees it similarly, judging that the city needs pensions, for example, to support the construction of new apartments. We don’t know what to do with the blood that will be created in the flow, she said.

When it comes to options, it is not the only option in the pre-selection menu. YES and Ouci propose free city public transport for children and seniors.

However, ANO goes further in the over-voting, because it also promises free collection of municipal waste for children and senior citizens.

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