Election 2021 | The game about the Pardubice town hall has started, I have a few moments

There are no polls for Pardubice. Pesto can be estimated plus or minus the result of the election. This is what politicians, who currently have coalitions and pacts on cooperation, strive for.

None of them publicly admits it, but the skits from the last regional elections clearly prove it. No. ANO leader Martin Kolovratnk stopped to open the first bottle of sparkling wine at the celebration of the new year, he also sat down with his colleagues in the opposition. Governor Martin Netolick had an agreed coalition before that, not all votes were counted.

From his point of view, the ideal dream came true. In the municipal elections in Pardubice, it may not be so easy, but most of the leaders go to the elections with their full powers and motivations.

1) The YES movement
Due to the current situation in the Czech Republic, he is the main favorite in the elections. A year ago, it seemed that Babi’s party would soon be looking at a TOGETHER coalition, but the energy crisis and, from the point of view of many people, the dim view of Petr Fiala’s government will probably change this forecast. YES, I expect that many people will vote according to the overall policy.

On the other hand, he plays cards, he has been in Pardubice for eight years and has enough voters to think that it is time. In recent years, hockey has been saved, a football stadium is being built, transport terminals are being built, and mills are being repaired. A lot has been invested and you can see it in the streets. Moreover, the parties avoided scandals.

As for the post-election behavior, it is self-explanatory in the case of ANO. The great advantage of the party is that its representative club always stands behind the leader as one, at least in the first weeks after the elections. Mayor Martin Charvt, who always had a whole group of 13 representatives, put an end to this years ago, with 20 votes for quite some time. It will be the same for Jan Nadrchal this year.

And with whom will the chief negotiate? His support will be the movement of the Pardubice deputy mayor Jakub Rychteck. He is the same age as Nadrchal, his mind is both human and professional. In addition, Rychtecki’s cooperation with ANO politicians has been quiet for the last eight years, so do not expect a change in attitude.

2) Coalition TOGETHER
Here, the exact opposite is true, not for YES. The leader of the ODS, TOP 09 and KDU-SL candidates Jan Mazuch both had to scratch their heads when they saw how the government of his party, Fialy, was not doing well. The social atmosphere changed quickly because of drachma energy, and the right-wing parties can pay for it. On the other hand, politicians can congratulate themselves that they finally put together a coalition. They only have two chances to grow the TOGETHER sign in Pardubice, and anything worse than the other city would be surprising.

Even the TOGETHER coalition had its own people in the city leadership. The chief deputy of the mayor for transport, Petr Kva, was visible, who, although he did not show any kind of empathy to the electorate or colleagues from other parties, he at least managed to improve the traffic situation in the city. The situation around the parking lots in paid signs has calmed down, and the installation of smart traffic lights has also been successful, making the city even more traffic-free. A significant shift in the preparation of the new land fill can certainly be attributed to the rush of the ODS.

As for the post-election position, it is difficult for the coalition. The TOGETHER attitude will change according to the result. The ideal scenario is that the coalition will be so strong that it will cost Pirty to win the mayor’s post, the fall of the coalition of regional parties United for Pardubice led by Renho ivno.

If such a coalition would not come to fruition and ANO would not even have a role, it is possible to extend cooperation on the overall level of the two main groups. In recent years, the men Nadrchal and Mazuch sat together in the city council and had no disagreements. They don’t go after each other even in the campaign, so cooperation is possible.

She would probably just sign on to the integrity TOGETHER. Descendants of TOP 09 could have a problem with the coalition with Babiovci. It will depend a lot on which specific politicians and from which parties they will elect their daughters to the council.

3) Pirti
The number of parties in the elections is estimated to be much more complicated. The only thing that is clear is that the voters who were not satisfied with the developments in Pardubice in recent years do not have much choice. there was a minimum number of opposition parties in the Pardubice council, and the clear largest was that of Pirts.

So the party could make a living on that. It is important to acknowledge that Pirti tried to implement a real policy of delay and that you, unlike your colleagues in the regional council, were heard about. They criticized the sale of Dynamo to Petar Ddek, they did not like the construction of a football stadium in the center of the city, they also objected to the planned construction of bicycle storage facilities in the cattle barracks on Dukla.

If they couldn’t get anything out of it, they would casually sacrifice themselves. Their effect can still be estimated. Even Pirtis can pay extra for government angam. Anything above 15 percent would be a big rush, but the reality will be different.

4) Spolen for Pardubice
The coalition of regional parties is grinding its teeth for a medal position. Parties such as the Association for Pardubice, Pardubice, Pardubice for People and Patriots of Pardubice would attack the target of 20 percent of votes this year by simply summing up their votes from the previous elections. It won’t be such simple mathematics, but even so, the project around the leaders Renho ivnho, Frantik Brendel, Petr Krlek and Jiho Lejhance should play a key role in the post-election negotiations. Grouped can become the main language on scales.

If the elections turn out as expected, it is quite possible that the two blocs ANO + ijeme Pardubice and SPOLU + Pirti will compete first for Spolen for Pardubice.

Then it will be good to know who gets the mandate. With Renho ivnho, it is important that the order would get a seat at the town hall, and he doesn’t really care about km. Doke to agree. Frantiek Brendl is a vocal critic of Andrej Babie and the ANO movement, and who should argue with him. Lejhanec, on the other hand, cannot be blamed for his former ODS party, from which he left under very turbulent circumstances. It can therefore be read that preferential votes will play an absolutely essential role at first in Spolen pro Pardubice.

5) we live in Pardubice
ern to the elections. Under the name of SSD, Jakub Rychteck could slowly enjoy paid political positions. This newly established project has the ability to attack even ten percent. He has put together a strong candidate with famous names, from which one can change the former prime minister Tpnka Fraková or the hockey legend Otakar Janecki.

Soupee also gets nervous looking at the massive campaign launched by the party. In eight years, Rychteck gained respect among his colleagues, because he had prepared and discussed his points for one of the councils in the middle of the time. Sm will then be able to ask for a uniform team and to agree on a team with everyone. He will prefer connected with ANO, but not even with SPOL.

6) Mayor and independent
STAN decided to go to the elections in Pardubice alone at a time when it was clear and sunny. The movement succeeded in the Polish parliamentary elections, and the shoulders of politicians grew. They then drank hard for a while and STAN faced one case after another. When they ask about changing the position in the government and the few names of the candidates, it is clear that STAN will fight to get to the town hall at all. If he succeeds, they will be happy in the coalition TOGETHER. Ldryn STAN Alice Paurov said clearly that ANO will not join the coalition.

7) Nae Pardubice, SPD and KSM
Nae Pardubice, Filip Sedlek, is fighting for admission to the master’s degree, so far in vain. The Communists, who this year are deploying Nestor Vclav Snopek, have resigned themselves to their end. The SPD, led by the former councilor for the SSD Vtzslav Novohradsk, is the first party to rush. However, the representatives of all three parties have one thing in common: nobody wants to join a coalition with them. So at this moment.

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