Election 2022 | Elections were called in Lny, where the strength of non-partisans in the council is clear

In the last municipal elections, she won nine out of eleven seats in the local council.

President Zeman will vote for me only in the municipal elections this year. The representative of Pirt Adla was elected two years ago in this electoral district – for Kladensko – as a senator. And he said that the elections in Lny should be held in three years.

It is good to use in Western European countries, where municipal elections have always been understood as a kind of referendum on the government. And the ruling parties were therefore very wary of them at first, said Zeman in an interview with MF DNES.

In fact, the president stood up to the opposition leaders of ANO, Andrej Babie, and SPD, Tomio Okamura, who insist that it is a referendum on the government, and that the people will elect local representatives and, in some cases, senators.

The distribution of power in the Chamber of Deputies, where the government party has 108 seats out of 200, but the question and Saturday’s municipal and senate elections will not change anything.

Let’s distinguish elections in small municipalities, where there are often independent candidates, from elections in all cities, where candidates usually wear party shirts. First of all, because they have party shirts, they are identified with the ruling or opposition parties. And basically responsible for their overall policy, declared President Zeman in an interview for MF DNES,

Last year, during the elections to the House of Representatives, Zeman, who had some health problems at the time, voted for the estate in Lny. In the previous years, he voted for Brdikova in the primary round on Luinch.

Zeman, however, changed his permanent residence, because after the end of his term of arrest, he moved into a bungalow he had built in Lny.

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