Election 2022 | He’ll reward you with hundreds. In this region, they can be bought with votes

According to our information, people offering 300 crowns for a vote for one of the parties are moving to the Marov community in Krupka, and they are also trying to buy the votes of the poor Roma in Teplice. Activist Miroslav Bro stated for the Romea.cz server that there were signs that the course of the election was being influenced, and that he reported the incident to the police.

Throughout the region, the police received several tips and reports that may be related to the upcoming elections. We will not specify the specific municipalities that are affected, so as not to jeopardize the course of operations, but we can state that all districts in the region are affected. In general, it can be said that the motives are related to, for example, the artificial infiltration of citizens in some municipalities, the buying of votes, the occurrence of false pre-election squadrons or the removal of pre-election squadrons, said police spokesman Daniel Vtek.

In the streets and in the polling stations, uniformed police officers and criminal investigators will oversee the smooth running of the elections. According to Vtek, they will cooperate with election commissions.

The tendency to buy votes appears especially in isolated locations in the region during every municipal election.

A few years ago, criminals intervened in the polling station in the Krsn Bezno district in st nad Labem. The registrar reported to the police an incident where she suddenly drank about 30 votes, which usually do not take place during elections. In addition, a car must be brought to the polling station. The police finally broke up the ppad. The proposal for repeat elections in st nad Labem was rejected by the court, as were all other events in the Steck region.

In 2014, the court ordered a repeat election due to vote-buying in Blin na Teplicka and Chomutov. The elections were repeated in Krupka.

In Moldav na Teplice, he leads the village before the summer vote 50 people were deleted from the voter list, and that’s because of my urgent need to live permanently. Let the police do it.

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