Election 2022 | if they decide on the composition of the councils, they will also elect new senators

In both types of elections, voters this year have to choose from their pool of candidates, not in previous elections. 178 candidates are vying for the 27 upper commissary seats, which is a decrease of 55 candidates. There are six or seven adepts for one chosen castle. 195,214 residents would like to be municipal representatives, 21,000 less than a few years ago. For one place at the town hall, roughly the number of applicants is listed.

People will be able to vote on Friday from 14:00 to 22:00 and on Saturday from 08:00 to 14:00. To the polling station, you must take an identity card, either a national ID card or a passport.

In municipal elections, on the ballot paper, where the candidates of all groups are together, they can form a representative office with their names, but approximately two votes for their party.

They can thus mark the favored party with a kke, or combine it with candidates from other groups. However, I must not be an elected member of the council. Otherwise, the vote would be invalid.

If my candidate cheated on the voters, the validity of the vote will not suffer. However, the ticket would be invalid if the candidate’s day was not approved. People can prepare their tricks at home, in the polling station behind a curtain, they can insert the ballot papers into the voting booths, and then throw them into the ballot box in front of the electoral commission.

In the senate elections, people choose a slip with the name of their preferred candidate, which they put in the ballot box for the senate election, and then into the ballot box. Do not modify this item in any way. People may not change the ballots they receive from the electoral commission during the validity of their votes.

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