Election 2022 | People are afraid, said Babi. We have taken your steps in the right direction, drunken Fiala

Vlda drank the horse with some proposal, but it is not available. I would go the way of France. France has a ceiling of 1150 crowns and no inflation. People are afraid because the government has sent signals, but nothing concrete has happened, declared Babi.

The ceiling is the help of obanm. We generally guarantee that they will have enough energy and at a price ceiling, Prime Minister Fiala said in the debate.

It would be best to withdraw from the Green Deal, Mr. Okamura

Come back to earth, you have plunged millions of people into poverty. It would be best to withdraw from the Green Deal and from emission allowances, shit on some Germany, let’s negotiate cheap gas in Russia for this winter, said Tomio Okamura of the SPD movement in a debate held for the first time on television in the National Museum in Prague.

This seems almost scandalous to me at a time when Putin announced a massive mobilization, commented on the proposal to go to Russia for cheap gas, which leads the wolf to Ukraine, and its leader announced a massive mobilization.

Mr. Okamura can’t lose anything else, she objected to the leader of the SPD and the member of the House of Representatives and TOP 09 Markta Pekarov Adamov.

We certainly cannot mistake these elections for something that decides the overall policy, Prime Minister Fiala said about the municipal and senate elections, which take place on Friday and Saturday. Let’s think that it is the first mistake to go to the government’s business, his predecessor in the government’s beer, Babi, got him drunk.

Avoid populism and gibberish, Rakuan called on the electorate

According to Pirt Bartoe, municipal elections are all about electing councilors so that citizens see the city as clean and pleasant for people. According to Pekarov Adamov, the people will get to evaluate the work of their representative and if the village is taking care of itself. They are like neighbors who have known each other for a long time, said the girl from TOP 09.

The main issue is continuity, whether the village has developed over time, let’s not pretend that it is some kind of referendum, stated f STAN and Minister of the Interior Vt Rakuan, opposing Babio and Tomio Okamura. Avoid populism and gibberish, Rakuan called on the electorate.

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