Election 2022 | Primtor’s defense, new wed, Dosimeter. The elections in Zln are full of questions

MF DNES has selected six key questions, which will be answered on the election weekend.

1. Go around the youngest primtor in djinch Zlna?

Primtor To Jim Korc from ANO, I can do what his predecessor Miroslav Admek from STAN did: to rule in Zln for two consecutive elections, which no one had done before them in the modern days of the city. For an eighty-year-old politician, nobody knew him there before those years, it would mean a rush that no one would deny him. We want to win. We did a lot of work at the town hall, claims Korec, who is the leader of ANO.

2. Will Gol even get to the city?

Political career Tom Goln steep climb. In 2018, he became a senator for Zln in the by-elections, two years later he passed the post. Then he joined the ODS and was appointed to the post of deputy chairman of the party. Te is the leader of the ODS in Zln. A self-confident politician, to whom some competitors challenge the effort to accumulate positions, not the desire to win. For the ODS, this would mean a loss of membership. Irena Ondrov was the leader of the ODS in 2006 and 2010.

Even if I don’t become mayor, I will still work as a deputy or a councillor. I have a huge desire to indulge in a better life in Zln, promises Gol.

3. How much will the STAN movement pay for the Redl case?

The great ambition was to go ahead of the month so that the STAN movement was full of power, but the Dosimeter case completely destroyed the town hall. The corrupt scandal surrounding the Prague transport company involved the criminal entrepreneur Michal Redl, but he was also an accomplice of the criminal Radomr Kreje, who moved nearby. She is one of the STAN candidates in Zln and the current vice mayor Kateina Francov persistently repeats that Redl had no influence on the city’s women and does not, the voters do not have to see that. She herself claims that she has not seen Redle for twenty years.

Zmnn case STAN noted. But let’s refuse to accept the general rhetoric that anyone who knew Michal Redl is automatically a crook, said Francov.

4. Will Vanura get into the lead on the second try?

Before those years, he wanted to occupy positions in the leadership of Zlna, he even discussed them after the elections. In the end though estmr Vanura led the Zln 21 movement to the opposition. He acts as his old friend and quite possibly the last attempt to start doing Zln according to his taste. Mu, who succeeded as an entrepreneur and president of a children’s film festival, wants to convince the voters with a charged candidate, which, according to him, can only be seen by other parties in Zln.

If it doesn’t work, it’s just wasted potential, my Vanura. If not this year, in the next few years, people will be looking for an alternative with a lot more urgency than today, he estimates.

5. Will the membership of the left survive these years?

Spruce above the left. The communists did not put up a candidate because Zln is too right-wing and the social democrats hid among the independents of the Zln candidate. Even if the group succeeds, the first social democrat is in seventh place. The trip to the council, where KSM and SSD have been running dry for the last three years, will not be difficult.

Who is close to social democracy and its ideals of solidarity and social justice, then vote Zln sob, says the chairman of the Zln district SSD Josef ha.

6. Will the SPD have a chance for the first time in the coalition?

The overall and global situation will also have an influence on the municipal elections. Support for Petr Fiala’s government has fallen, on the contrary, party opposition is strengthening, among the five except ANO and SPD. Their leader in Zln is the late representative Pavel Sekula.

The limit of the movement is that it cannot be defined by other parties. Joining the coalition would be a good electoral result for him.

It is true that even without our money, we have electoral potential, which we did not have before those years. But we want to see our people so follow and see how we take steps, I hope Sekula.

Go around Jelenkov’s senten castle in Kromsk?

In the Zlnsk region, elections are held only in Kromsk. In electoral district slo 76, the People’s Party senator rka Jelnkov, who is a candidate for the group SPOLU (KDU-SL, ODS, TOP 09), will defend her, she was successful in the Polish parliamentary elections. I think that joining forces is appropriate in politics. When the parties are able to agree and support each other, have a meeting in Jelenkov.

There is an attempt to replace Jelnková with an opponent. Even in these elections, the situation of the entire society will affect me. Jelenkov is a leader of the government party, while non-party leader Jana Zwyrtek Hamplov spoke at a recent anti-government demonstration in Prague. ANO nominated Lucia Pluhaová, chairwoman of the board of Industry Servis ZK, which takes care of the Holeov industry.

The candidate for STAN, the mayor of the city Rudolf Seifert, is also connected with Holeov. Compared to Pluhaov and Zwyrtek, Hamplov has more political experience, and is also a regional representative. In my opinion, it applies to any MEP and the current heiress of the governor, Olga Sehnalová, who wears the colors of the SSD. The SPD appoints Stanislav Skla, the chairman of the Environmental State Council and the former editor of the regional department of the Ministry of Agriculture.

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