Election 2022 | The sting of damage and election issues: the fight for the SSD and the reverberations of the Dosimeter case

1. Referendum Fialov vld

While politicians from the ruling parties usually deny it in their speeches, those from the opposition are clear. This year’s municipal elections are supposed to be about the government of Petr Fiala and the people who replaced his cabinet in the crisis. Although political scientists believe that the upcoming elections may remind us of those thirty years ago, in which the leitmotif was the 100 kroner levy in the health care system, the so-called julnkovn, but they are more difficult to estimate whether the results will be similar. Personally, I don’t want such a dominance of the opposition parties, as was the case with Jiho Paroubek’s tsunami. However, the opposition party sent me political scientist Jan Kubek.

Even now, an extra-parliamentary communist plays the role of a politician. Thus, the election results of the long-time chairman of the KSM, Vojtcha Filip, should not go completely unnoticed.

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Dotte line and to the end

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