Election 2022 | They forgot to submit a candidate because they relied on each other. The village cannot vote

After two years of covid bhem leton lta, many have put their worries behind their heads. As a symbol of the return to normalcy, the beautiful summer season was used by the people to take a relaxing break somewhere near the water.

When the phone rang on the town hall in Veradov in the middle of the 20th of April, the summer idyll came to an end for the deputy. The leaders of the village learned that in the village with approximately 140 inhabitants on the border of the Pardubice region and the Vysoina region, municipal elections will not be held for one simple reason. No one submitted a single candidate.

The deadline for their submission expired the previous day at 4 p.m. it was about a misunderstanding that arose because we did not inform each other about who cheated or who didn’t cheat the candidate, said the mayor of Veradova Lubo Mikek.

After the fourth election period, he did not want to draw up a list. At two, I said that when someone wants me to run for mayor, I will endorse the candidate. Nobody approached me and I didn’t organize anything. As a non-retired mayor, I thought that I would quit and devote myself to my civic leave, said the mayor for the SNK candidate – the guarantee of stability.

Informed art then made it so that even the descendants of competing candidates did not need to concern themselves with the registration documents.

We relied on each other, even if it was someone else. And when Mr. Adam called, we all knew there was a problem. But alas, it was the day after the deadline when the candidates had to submit their applications, said Markta Tlapkov, the youngest representative from the opposition candidate Ve for the municipality of Veradov.

We are not divorced, the village is not even in debt. The problem wasn’t that we didn’t want to go into it, but that we simply forgot about it, she added, referring to the continuity of the seven-year council.

A new representative of the municipality was elected in additional elections to take over the management of the municipality, which was authorized by the Ministry of the Interior. Due to the change of regions and some agendas in the transfer of powers from Saturday, from the village to the city, and to Hlinsko, which is a municipality in Veradov’s lower region with new powers.

The lack of government in the village upset the older generation in particular. I have to say that most of the people will go through this terrible situation with a smile. Fuck off old people. Some say that this would not have happened under the communists, muffled the views of the residents of Veradova Markta Tlapkov, who is a saleswoman in the local store.

According to the mayor of Koncho, the administration of the municipality under the Ministry of the Interior will not have a negative impact on the municipality for several months. The representative, whose mandate expired on the first day of the election, also passed the approved budget for five years.

The agenda, which is approved every year at the end of the year, was approved by the internal council after consultation with the ministerial agenda. It is mainly a budget for the fifth year, so that the municipality does not fall into the provisional budget. With this, we improved the operation of basic services in the village, such as municipal waste collection, the library, winter cleaning and other matters, said Lubo Mikeka. On the other hand, without a council, the municipality will not be able to apply for subsidies.

General ad will continue to work

Apart from the election weekend, the municipal hall will remain open to the residents of dl for a few hours.

The municipality’s employees will remain there and continue to work. The operation of the general adu will not be disturbed in any way. The Minister’s office filled one hour and will be in regular contact with citizens. Let’s see what he can do. We agreed that, as the mayor used to do, we would continue to work with the mayor’s office on an agreement to ensure the continuity of the transfer of information, added Mikeka, who otherwise runs a business in the field of leasing.

Additional elections should take place at the end of the fifth year. We will do everything so that the council is formed from the by-elections in January. How the staff will be filled, no one knows at this time. We have nothing to be ashamed of, the budget is balanced, we have 11 million on those and I think you can see it in the village, until the end of the mayor’s election this summer, in which I can only see one positive thing.

Maybe people will realize that the candidates are not just assembled. that the council does not fall from the sky, that the administration of the municipality is not automatic and the mayor is not appointed until death.

Candidates for local councils on Friday and Saturday will not be selected in Esk, except for Veradov, due to the lack of female candidates in the following municipalities: Brodec in Lounska, Beany in Znojmo, Bukov in Plzeška, Cebiv in Tachovska, Ln in Perovska, Nevzice in Psecka, Ohaice in Jinska, Rokytovec in Mladoboleslavska, Trokavec in Rokycanska and Tebsko in Pbramska. In seven of these municipalities, no candidate list was submitted.

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