Election 2022 | Worms, vermin, parasites. Hatred in campaigns works, penalties are rare

A billboard with the inscription: “No one will make a mess here!” In the background, a stylized photo of homeless people. Everything is completed by two candidates of the political party Volba pro Kladno, doctor David Homer and the current mayor of the city Milan Volf. The first named holds a scalpel and a saw in his hand.

This is just one of a number of pre-election posters that have appeared in connection with the upcoming municipal elections, mentioning the topic of socially weak residents or minorities with the message “we will get rid of them”.

In the Czech Republic, the election campaign is a “free ring” in which every punch is allowed. For example, a candidate for the Senate in 2016 drove through the streets in an armored personnel carrier with machine guns before the elections.

Pavel Krejčía lawyer

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