esko does not want Russians from the NHL in Prague. Haek also got involved in the destruction of their relationship

The Ministry sent a letter led by the NHL, in which it warned that neither the Czech Republic, nor any other state of the Schengen area should at this time issue a permit for Russian troops to enter our country, according to the statement provided by the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Martin Smolek.

He also pointed to the first passerby, complaining about the entry ban for Russian citizens who have valid visas issued twice.

The minister’s role will be played by Martin Smolek

This approach is based both on the recommendation of the Minister of Sports not to allow the Russians to compete in the European Union, and on the informal meeting between the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the head of the European Commission, said Smolek, at the end of August this year.

In a letter, we informed the NHL about the current day. We want to avoid disputes that could arise if both Russian teams sent the game here, said Wernerov for

She also added that Dominik Haek was also actively involved in the event. The former goaltender negotiated with Smolek at the ministry, which asked him to contact the head of the NHL and the names of Russian games from both teams.

In the case of Nashville, it should be about Jakov Trenin, from San Jose, where Tom Hertl also worked, with the situation of Alexander Barabanov and Yevgenije Svenikov.

Reaction from San Jose

San Jose general manager Mike Grier took a stand against these initiatives. We are the team, so when they say that some people can’t go, then either we all go or no one, he said for AP. It’s not Mr. They didn’t do anything wrong. I don’t think they should be punished for that, he added.

Sharks defenseman Nikolaj Kniov will miss the start of the season due to an Achilles injury. In the event of changes in the squad, problems with ties could also affect two Russian hockey players who are currently playing on the farms of both teams.

We don’t want an advertisement for Russian aggression here, wrote the Olympic coach from Nagano on Twitter.

Play in the O2 arena with a bang and start the new season of the tournament in the event called the NHL Global Series.

Both have to go before the exhibition runs. The Predators will face yesterday’s club SC Bern on January 3, the Sharks will challenge Germany’s Eisbren Berlin a day later.

At the beginning of November, the Columbus Blue Jackets and the Colorado Avalanche will visit Europe for two duels in Tampere, Finland.

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