Faced with a shortage of PS5 in the market, Sony aims to produce more PS4 to meet demand

Given the shortage of PS5 in the market, Sony is accelerating the production of PS4 consoles in order to meet demand and keep players within the Playstation market. The information comes from Bloomberg, who assures that Sony contacted its associates in the assembly area to produce more Playstation 4 during 2022, although they had planned to discontinue production at first.

Why did Sony take this action?

The great demand for consoles added to the shortage of some key components for their manufacture has led to a shortage so great that even many of the adept Playstation players have thought about migrating to Xbox, according to sources related to the company.

Sony is concerned because have registered a decreasing number of subscribers to their service Playstation plus from the first quarter of 2021 and this continues to date, while the service of Game pass Xbox does not stop growing.

This increase in production will significantly improve the market situation, given that more than a million PS4 consoles will go into stock this year, and apparently, will give an alternative to those who have not yet been able to acquire a PS5 or do not have the budget to do it.

Recall that the shortage of semiconductors has prompted companies like Canon to take drastic measures. This, added to the problem of the pandemic that triggered an increase in the demand for entertainment systems and the problems that Sony had with its main distributors, marked an extensive stress on the logistics system of the Japanese company, therefore, the shortage of PS5 peaked around mid-October 2021.

Even so, the company has only taken these types of soft measures to alleviate the crisis. We will see if they are enough or if they continue to lose customers by not looking for alternatives that can better satisfy the user’s needs.

It remains to be seen if Playstation fans choose to buy an old console in order not to wait for the new PS5, or end up choosing the inexpensive but efficient Xbox Series S, which has more power than the PS4 and access to all the latest technologies. generation.

What do you think? Is there any use in continuing to produce an old console like the PS4 when your new model is missing, or is it a bad strategy on Sony’s part?

Fountain: Techradar

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