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Two decades ago, the term celebrity was used mainly for musicians, actors and top athletes. Thanks to the rise of social media, however, we now have a new class of celebrities who have become influencers.

With the ability to reach millions of people in an instant through advanced social media platforms, influencers have become a major marketing strategy for individuals and corporations alike, and can afford to buy some of the flashiest and most expensive supercars.

Leo Mare – Ferrari 488 GTB Spider

Leo Mare, moderator and originally from Beroun, is a lover of fast cars. In recent years, he too could be called an influencer, with over a million followers on Instagram. Thanks to his career and the fact that he is one of the leading Czech influencers, he allows me to ride in very interesting cars. It is a Lamborghini Aventador, a Rolls-Royce Cullinan or the most interesting car he ever owned, a Ferrari 488 GTB Spider with a power of 659 hp. He even lost it once in a fight with another Czech influencer, Kamil Bartok, aka Kazma.

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Kamil Bartoek Range Rover Evoque

Kazma Kazmitch, real name Kamil Bartoek, is an internet producer, influencer and moderator. He became famous thanks to his One Man Show, where he performed a variety of controversial stunts, which caught the attention of the entire republic several times. For many years he owned a Range Rover Evoque, which is not interested in its engine or entertainment. It is interesting that its author buried it in an unknown place in the Czech Republic together with a million crowns in a suitcase and filed a lawsuit for it. Finally he came to Kladno. The car itself, which was supposed to be hot, wasn’t very hot. Who would want a Range Rover that has been crashed many times and that has been buried under the ground in damp conditions for a year? Thus, the main change was a million crowns and the trademark OMSKAZMA was registered.

This is the very last existing photo of the car that the whole country is now looking for. I took a picture of her just before the container door closed and went underground. At that moment it dawned on me that it was no longer mine. And that I will probably never ride in it again. It’s a special moment I’ll tell you. But I’m really looking forward to one of you finding it and running your hood in it. ♥️ #zakopaljsemauto

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Karlos Termintor Vmola – Mercedes tdy G

Karlos Termintor Vmola is an Czech fighter in the martial arts scene and an influencer. It is well known about him that he likes performance cars. He owns or has owned a Bentley Continental GT, a BMW M6, a BMW X6 and a Hummer H2. Now I drive mainly in a Mercedes, a G in the Brabus version with other rights. It has around eight hundred horsepower and accelerates from zero to one hundred kilometers per hour in 4.1 seconds.

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Jan Mack Toyota Supra MK4

Jan Mack alias MenT is one of the biggest Czech YouTubers who is also interested in cars. He owns and has owned many interesting cars. For example BMW M3, Ford Mustang GT and Mercedes GT AMG. His most interesting car is a bag Toyota Supra MK4. It is his youngtimer imported from Japan, here I have the steering wheel on the right side. Powered by an atmospheric engine with a power of around 220 HP. MenT does not hide the fact that in the future he plans to add a turbo to the car and thereby significantly increase the performance.

For the first week, the Supra is in the garage and if there is one piece that got a little stuck in Holland ‍♂️ Everything should probably be cleaned soon and it will be ready for Made in Japan in five weeks! Don’t worry, we took a short summer break, but we’ll be back in full swing soon. Thanks for sponsoring our series and we can focus on what we enjoyed #zonky #lidelidem #ad | @_pjubs_

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Adam Kayumi BMW M2

Adam Kajumi is an esk influencer, video blogger and musician. He is considered one of the biggest Czech creators on TikTok. So he doesn’t hide his weakness for fast cars, he owned two Chevrolet Camaros with extra power and currently owns a BMW M2.

How about a new color? Thank you @clu.detailing for a great job #wrap #bmw

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Andrew Tate – Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport

Andrew Tate is a former professional kickboxer and contestant on the reality show Big Brother. He used it to gain followers on social media, who then conducted life coaching courses. Today it is blocked behind Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube, mainly because of its hateful and controversial norms. Tate made a name for himself thanks to his social security, which he used to buy a Bugatti. In particular, it is a Chiron Pur Sport with a power of 1500 hp, it is a rare and expensive brotherly piece.

Andrew Tate on Instagram had fun with his lifestyle.

Manny Khoshbin – McLaren Speedtail

If you’re a fan of automotive content on YouTube, you’ve probably come across Manny Khoshbin. Khoshbin is a commercial real estate magnate who often shows off some of the cars he’s bought over the years on his YouTube channel. Khoshbin has one of the most impressive car collections in the world full of rare gems such as his own Pagani Huayra, several Bugattis and many more. One of them is his 310 horsepower McLaren Speedtail, which is one of the fastest hybrids ever made.

The @mclaren Speedtail is most definitely designed with the best aerodynamics for top speed. Sleek design to cut through the wind like a fine knife doing 0-300Km in 12 seconds! Top speed over 250 MPH which for hybrid is unreal. It is one of the longest supercars known to man with special carbon fiber especially having the center seat position to pilot this spaceship into the space with your gearshift buttons on ceiling above you gives you the closest feeling you’ll get to flying a fighter jet on wheels. Really was impressed and youll just have to wait Ill 10/26/18 to see what talking about #Speedtail #mclaren

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Logan Paul – Polaris Slingshot

Logan Paul started making videos on the Vine platform about ten years ago. Although the application fell from the sky, Paul was able to gain fame and establish himself on YouTube, where he has millions of subscribers. Thanks to social media, Paul made millions. And thanks to that, I can afford to be a car collector. Among his most interesting pieces is the five-wheel Polaris Slingshot roadster with a power of 178 hp, which is by no means reversible. However, we cannot ignore the fact that the weight is less than eight hundred kilograms, so it is not enough.

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David Dobrik – Ferrari 458 Spider

Not only did the controversy surrounding the sexual assault allegations force David Dobrik to take a break, he was one of the very sleepy YouTubers. It had 20 million subscribers. Dobrik built his YouTube empire on wild stunts and dirty jokes. According to Forbes, Dobrik earned $15 million a year. Dobrik loves cars, but he gives most of them to his friends, colleagues and fans. But don’t keep them for yourself. The jewel of his collection is the Ferrari 458 Spider with a power of 558 hp.

Iron Man and Pepper Potts love you 3000

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Mr. Beast – Lamborghini Huracan Spyder

When did Jimmy Donaldson aka Mr. Beast founded a YouTube channel in 2012, he would never have thought that ten years later he would have more than 100 million subscribers. If it continues to grow at this rate, it could make a star like you, Pewdiepie, sweat. Pesto Mr. Beast has given away millions of dollars over the years of creation, not enough to buy sports cars for reindeer and his dogs. One of the loudest cars in his collection is the 571 hp Lamborghini Huracan Spyder.

This photo would have been cool BUT THE SUN WOULDNT LEAVE ME ALONE! (I also just uploaded and you should go watch!)

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Jake Paul – Rolls-Royce Phantom

While Logan Paul was building his online career and making millions, his brother Jake couldn’t just sit back and watch as an old sibling can. He also managed to establish himself on the Internet rather quickly. In addition to his achievements on social networks, Jake represented several prominent brands, where he earned millions. He spent much of it on supercars, including the Rolls-Royce Phantom, which is an extremely luxurious and expensive model. Jake didn’t say much about this car. Except for the moment when he forgot which side he was on. When you have so many cars, you can’t remember where they are, he remarked.

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