Find out what you know about blood in the quiz. You can win a package for health

Soutn quiz: What do you know about blood?

Domestic inquiry about pt packed capsule with iron will run from Friday 23rd to 30th until 10:00. Anyone who answers all ten questions correctly will advance to the prize draw.

We will publish the winners here in the link on Friday the 30th at 12:00 and we will also inform them by e-mail first.

The soute rules can be found here.

Chamber of Commerce
Wins in the current round

In the current competition on Zdrav, this time I won 5 packed capsules of iron. iron helps to transport oxygen from the lungs to all tissues, is important for breathing and plays an essential role in blood formation. Eliminate bunn strnut.

it is necessary to supplement with iron in case of nausea, sports slumps, stress, exhaustion, increased bleeding during the cycle and in the gums. The capsules are enriched with vitamin E, which leads to improved absorption of iron, as well as B vitamins. First, thanks to this cocktail, iron will remain in your body.

He donated the prize to the soute Curapil. Thanks to its Alchymedic herbal extracts, your body will get exactly what it needs. The name signs refers to the tradition of herbalism, the use of modern approaches and technologies, as well as the knowledge and experience of leading experts in holistic medicine and laboratory techniques.

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