For conscripts-doctors in the Far East offered an alternative to the service – RBK

Medical conscripts in the Far East can be offered alternative service in medical institutions. First Deputy Minister of Health Viktor Fisenko spoke about the initiative at a meeting of the Federation Council on the development of the Far East, Arctic and Antarctic. Broadcast recording available on the Youtube channel of the Federation Council.

According to Fisenko, the ministry proposes the introduction of a rotational method and the introduction of “an alternative service, when a young man with a medical education, drafted into the army, can work this time in primary health care in the Far East.”

This approach will help fill the shortage of nurses and nurses in polyclinics, outpatient clinics and paramedics and obstetric centers, which Fisenko called a “global staffing problem.”

Golikova instructed to analyze the shortage of doctors in the regions

Photo: Tatiana Makeeva / Reuters

November 8 Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova orderedfor the regions to analyze the shortage of medical personnel and assess the effectiveness of support measures for attracting and retaining doctors in the field. Prior to that, she expressed fears that doctors working in the “red zone”, exposed to the effects of the coronavirus, would leave the profession due to professional burnout.

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