Foreign video services were offered to pay for traffic in Russia – RBK

The Ministry of Digital Development has prepared the final version of the roadmap to support the telecom industry. The department believes that operators are in a difficult situation due to traffic growth and do not have sources of funding to upgrade their networks

Foreign video services must pay Russian operators for the traffic that loads their networks so that they can develop their infrastructure. Such a proposal, as he writes Kommersant, is among the initiatives of the Ministry of Digital Industry, which were included in the “road map” to create additional conditions for the development of the telecommunications industry in Russia.

Other suggestions included in the package:

  • reduction of spectrum fees when building communications infrastructure in regions with low return on investment and along highways;
  • investment tax deduction;
  • optimization of traffic storage requirements within the Yarovaya Law;
  • development of a methodology for assessing losses during the implementation of the “Accessible Internet” project;
  • lowering the threshold for telecom operators on the application of the law on the protection and encouragement of investment from 5 billion to 500 million rubles;
  • soft loans and leasing for the purchase of radio-electronic products by operators;
  • finalization of frequency regulation.

The head of Rostelecom Mikhail Oseevsky, the newspaper notes, has repeatedly proposed to oblige foreign IT companies to pay 1.2% of the annual turnover to the universal service fund, from which the elimination of digital inequality is now financed.

Director General of the Institute for Internet Research Karen Ghazaryan stated that the proposal for financing video traffic by foreign companies is doomed to failure: “The question immediately arises: how the traffic of domestic online cinemas and streaming services differs from the traffic of foreign ones and why the former should not pay for it, because they also increase the load on operators’ networks? ” – asked Ghazaryan.

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