Former Deputy Prime Minister of Ingushetia heads the board of directors of Kalashnikov – RBK

Bekkhan Ozdoev replaced the deputy general director of Rostec Alexander Nazarov in this position. At the same time, Ozdoev will retain the position of industrial director of the Rostec arms cluster, which he has held since August last year.

Bekkhan Ozdoev, industrial director of the cluster of weapons, ammunition and special chemistry at Rostec, headed the board of directors of the Kalashnikov concern, a source close to the concern told RBC. The decision was made today at a meeting of the company’s board of directors, added the interlocutor of RBC. The press service of Rostec confirmed this information.

Ozdoev replaced Alexander Nazarov in this position, who is the deputy general director of Rostec and oversees national projects in the state corporation, as well as the management of non-core and problem assets.

“In his new position, Bekkhan Ozdoev will contribute to the solution of the company’s strategic tasks, including those related to the development of production,” the press service of the state corporation told RBC. After becoming the chairman of the board of directors of Kalashnikov, Ozdoev will retain his position as director of the weapons cluster, noted in Rostec.

Rostec noted that Ozdoev is well aware of the specifics of the arms industry. “He oversees such large defense holdings as Tekhmash, High-precision complexes, Alloy, Spetskhimiya and, of course, Kalashnikov. Kalashnikov has a special place in this row: the company is 75% controlled by a private investor, while Rostec is immersed in the company’s agenda as much as possible, ”the state corporation explained.

The Kalashnikov group of companies is the largest domestic manufacturer of automatic and sniper weapons, guided artillery shells and precision weapons, the group’s website says. Kalashnikov accounts for about 95% of the production of small arms in Russia. A blocking stake in the amount of 25% plus one share of the concern belongs to Rostec, 75% minus one share is owned by former Deputy Transport Minister Alan Lushnikov through TKH-Invest. The general director of Kalashnikov is Vladimir Lepin.

At the end of 2020, the revenue of the Kalashnikov group amounted to RUB30 billion, which is almost RUB6 billion less than in 2019… Then the revenue reached 35.98 billion rubles., Follows from the annual reporting. EBITDA at the end of last year almost doubled and amounted to about 3 billion. A year earlier, this figure exceeded 5.5 billion rubles.

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