Friday and Saturday can be the coldest days

Brickell Plaza, near Southeast Ninth Avenue in Mary Brickell Village, saw water seeping into store windows, leaving drivers stranded. Van taxi drivers were not immune to the inconvenience. “Boom. I stopped, I couldn’t see. It was a huge flood, you know what I mean? Uber driver Juan Cuartas told WSVN-7 on Tuesday evening. “Rain is a sign of blessing,” said Rabbi Chaim Lipskar, news partner of Miami Herald CBS4. Pray for rain All we need here is drainage. “This is a sewer problem, not a rain problem,” he said.

“Later today, the story looks like yesterday,” Rizzuto said on Wednesday. “Probably not a major flood risk. But if we see these showers start making landfall in areas like Brickell and downtown, and areas where it rained heavily yesterday, we could have a flash flooding problem this afternoon. We’ll have to continue to monitor his progress.

Rainy weather – a 50 percent chance of rain in South Florida on Wednesday – is linked to the first true cold front of the year that we will begin to feel on Thursday. According to the weather service, parts of South Florida, including Homestead, when temperatures can drop to 40 degrees. South Florida is expected to drop below 50 on Friday morning and Saturday. Key West needs to be warmer around 60.

Rizzuto said the Miami weather service is investigating the possibility of a second cold front Thursday with a possible arrival time on Thursday, primarily related to the maritime hazards we looked at, such as strong winds and the risk of backflow on Sunday. . “At the moment we are not seeing anything crazy with a cold front on Sunday. It all depends on how strong he is and we have to see if he can go all the way. Sometimes the precipitation gushes out before it reaches South Florida.”

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