From experienced to beginner: Airborne troops undergo parachute training near Khabarovsk

Skydiving at night, reconnaissance behind enemy lines and camouflage on the ground. Such tasks are now being performed by special forces soldiers of the Airborne Forces in the Far East. Trainings take place within the framework of the started winter training period.

The first group of paratroopers prepares to board the Mi-8 helicopter. These are experienced special forces soldiers. Each of them has at least 20 successful jumps behind their backs.

In the porthole there is a snow-covered polygon area. There is a parachute knapsack behind his back, a bag with belay devices on his belt. Behind – months of grueling training. And all this for the sake of fifteen seconds of free fall.

And now, the most tense moment. Take a deep breath, jump confidently and enter the sky. Without hesitation, airborne special forces fighters parachute from a 1000-meter height.

According to the training task, you need to land in a small area behind the enemy lines. The interval between jumps is no more than 5 seconds. Otherwise, the landing area may stretch for kilometers.

During contact with the ground, it is important to group correctly so as not to injure the limbs. After that, it remains only to fold the parachute, disguise and prepare for the march.

During the jumps of the second landing group, Private Nikita Mayer jumped for the first time. He had never experienced any brighter emotions in his life. The young paratrooper confesses that he hesitated while leaving the helicopter. But they still managed to overcome fear.

“All is well. My first jump. There are no words. My colleagues began to leave. I had it too. Shakes. Shakes insanely, ”admitted Mayer.

Before boarding a helicopter, the most important task is to inspect and pack the parachute. The fighters check the condition of the stabilizing system, the serviceability of the carbine and line fasteners. This is followed by the final inspection of the parachute kit by the unit commander.

The D-10 parachute can withstand a weight of 140 kilograms. You can land with it from a height of up to four kilometers. Quite weighty equipment, but one of the most reliable in the world.

More than 150 servicemen of the Airborne Troops of the Eastern District are opening the winter training period today. Ahead of them – jumping in conditions of night visibility, reconnaissance in the rear of the conditional enemy and camouflage on the ground.

Prepared by: Timur Sherzad, Mikhail Dolgov

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