From the beginning of the year, cucumbers, tomatoes and cabbage have especially risen in price from products

In the new year, basic vegetables continued to grow rapidly in price, according to Rosstat data. So, from January 1 to January 10, prices for cucumbers increased by 7.4%, tomatoes – 6.7%, white cabbage – 6.0%, carrots – 3.6%, potatoes and onions – 1.6%, beets dining room – by 1.4%.

In addition, there was an increase in prices for pasta (1%), buckwheat and butter (0.8%), sugar (0.7%), as well as sterilized milk, wheat flour (0.6%). Sour cream and vodka (0.5%), pasteurized milk and bread made from wheat flour of various sorts (0.4%) went up.

On the other hand, prices for pork (0.13%) and poultry meat (0.1%) decreased slightly. As for meat, prices for more expensive beef (0.5%) and mutton (0.2%) increased.

In general, inflation from January 1 to 10 amounted to 0.56%, last year – 0.4%.

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