From the beginning of the year, diesel fuel at gas stations has risen in price by 43 kopecks – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Average retail prices for gasoline for the period from December 28 to January 10 increased by 29 kopecks – up to 50.42 rubles per liter. The cost of diesel fuel increased by 43 kopecks to 54.37 rubles per liter. This is evidenced by the latest data from Rosstat.

During the reporting period, AI-92 gasoline rose in price by 29 kopecks – up to 47.40 rubles per liter. The cost of the AI-95 brand increased by 28 kopecks – up to 51.29 rubles per liter, and the AI-98 brand added 25 kopecks to the price – 59.42 rubles per liter.

For the period from December 28 to January 10, an increase in gasoline prices was noted in 79 centers of the subjects of the Russian Federation. Most of all, it rose in price in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug – by 1.9% and in the Novgorod region – by 1.2%. A decrease in gasoline prices was recorded in the Republic of Tyva – by 0.2%, in the Chechen Republic and the Oryol region – by 0.1%.

At the gas stations observed in Moscow, AI-92 gasoline could be purchased at a price of 46.35 to 48.99 rubles, AI-95 – from 51.20 to 55.69 rubles, AI-98 – from 52.80 to 63.09 rubles per liter. In St. Petersburg, AI-92 gasoline cost from 45.90 to 48.88 rubles, AI-95 – from 49.95 to 53.69 rubles, AI-98 – from 59.20 to 61.41 rubles per liter.

Since the end of December 2021, AI-92 gasoline has risen in price by 0.4%, AI-95 gasoline by 0.4%, AI-98 brand – by 0.4%, and diesel fuel has increased in price by 0.7% …

The consumer price index (inflation) from January 1 to 10 increased by 0.56%.

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