Gabriela Soukalov got lost in the mountains, first sent a bird and then disappeared

Former biathlete Gabriela Soukalov (32) went to the Alps with her dog Milo Kadebek to conquer the mountains there. But the active vacation soon turned into a horror! The presenter and three-time Olympic medalist went missing in Livigno, Italy. Rescuers searched for her all night.

It was a few days ago Gabriela Soukalov smiled and posted a video from the Italian Alps on Instagram, in which she described her adventurous journey to her fans.

So today we entered 2800 (meter), we did it fairly quickly in about an hour and 37 minutes, which I take like a steel pkn as. With pkn girls, it’s the easiest way to have fun. I only took a t-shirt, a bra and a blouse. I brought my mugs with me and enjoyed the medicine at 2,800 meters above sea level. That um t, Soukalov said to the mole.

Not long after, however, the ground collapsed.

The rescuers searched for her in vain, then there was a loud kick

In the center, the former biathlete decided to go by bike to Lake Cancano. According to the La Provincia di Sondrio website, Soukalov lost her orientation in the night and the house did not move.

Gabriela first wrote an SMS to her friend, to whom he sent a detailed description of the city where she had just been found. However, she added that the battery in her mobile phone was weak.

The ptrac event after Soukalov started very quickly. Rescuers who arrived at the city early, but did not find the mother.

And on Thursday, the rescuers heard a kick from the mountain near the lake, and finally Soukalova fell to an altitude of about 2,270 meters. In a different Italian website, it was reported that Pestoe spent the whole night outside, so the biathlete in horseshoes called them.

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