Gabriela Soukalov spoke about being lost in the Alps

Unfortunately, in one town, the road was broken because the whole road had been torn down, so it took me a lot of time to get around this little guy. Since I was sent to the EU and wanted to go back, I tried to find the way with GPS, and I came to the city where I realized that I had to leave the bike, Gabriela Soukalov explained to ShowTime on CNN Prima NEWS.

The presenter and former biathlete set out for a long time along the marked route, but after two kilometres, this route came to an abrupt end. The phone, after several hours of being in the store and the subsequent constant use of GPS navigation, did not hold up and discharged. At the moment when I reached the point that I had set as my goal, I understood that it was an optical illusion, that the rust was behind the stop, so the rust did not continue there, but was actually on the other side the whole time, she said.

At that moment, she knew that she would not be able to move back and would have to spend the night in the mountains. At that moment, she matured her skills and entered the peit realm. She was most afraid of bears. So I found a place in the world and I climbed up to the top of the run. I also tried to use exercises so that I wouldn’t lose my body temperature, so that I would be able to swim in the cold, I wrote about everything that happened in the night in the ice in the wilderness.

Gabriela Koukalov

She didn’t sleep all night and was practicing. At that time, temperatures in Livigno, Italy, dropped to 7 degrees below zero. The next day, she gave in the morning that he gave her a bicycle.
It dawned on me that my only salvation would be climbing up the glass several hundred meters above the mine. I expected that in the morning at noon a helicopter would fly by and look for me, but they were looking for me in other places, not where I used to be. I thought that maybe it was fate that I wanted to keep those mountains there, but I am glad that I have so many years of thorn and such physics behind me, because otherwise it would be difficult to pass all those tests, she revealed.

Not even the local rescuers, who finally found the modeler on Thursday after noon, could not understand how Gabriela Soukalov appeared in the store. When they asked me where I was able to climb up, I showed them the way, and they told me that I was a wonder woman, that they wouldn’t believe that someone could climb me, she said.

In the end, the former sportswoman died with only her clothes and nava with great sadness. What she was looking forward to the most, i.e. meeting her daughter and her partner, she was able to do right after the guards released her. The whole time that I was gone, I imagined the meeting, especially with Malika and Milo. And when I was able to hug them, it was probably the best moment in my life. A hunter probably can’t even imagine that until he experiences something like that, she added.

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