A number of patriotic Chinese Internet celebrities post on social media from abroad – media

After leading Chinese platforms began to show the location of users by login IP addresses, it turned out that some of the most patriotic Chinese bloggers with a large audience are located abroad, wrote Thursday Quartz.

Among these patriotic bloggers were, for example, an actor and director of a popular action movie, as well as a journalist who vowed never to emigrate from China. Judging by the IP addresses, they are located in Thailand and Japan, respectively.

Some netizens defended the bloggers, stating that the platforms could show the location of people hired to run the actors’ and journalists’ social media accounts.

Note that the Chinese platform Weibo began to show the location of its users to combat the spread of misinformation. This was done against the backdrop of severe restrictions due to a new outbreak of coronavirus infection in China and a special operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine.

A number of users claimed to be transmitting information directly from the scene. To make sure of this, Weibo and other platforms began to show the location of bloggers.

weibo, recall, has recently paid close attention to the activities of its users. In April, the social network blocked a top blogger who questioned the effectiveness of Chinese medicine.

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