Gazprom provided more than half of European gas imports in 9 months – RBK

How clarified According to preliminary estimates, gas consumption in the world this year will grow by 150 billion cubic meters in the press service of Gazprom. m, and key growth will be observed in Russia, China and European countries.

“Against the backdrop of high demand, Gazprom significantly increased gas production: in ten and a half months of 2021, it increased by 58.8 billion cubic meters. m (15.2%) compared to the same period last year. By increasing Gazprom’s gas production in 2021, more than a third of the increase in gas consumption in the world will be covered, ”the company said in a statement.

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The Kremlin advised not to listen to analysts about the limits of production of “Gazprom”

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In the fall, European gas exchange prices began to rise sharply and reached record levels. So, on August 30, the price for 1 thousand cubic meters. m was $ 600, on September 15 – $ 970, and on October 6 it reached its maximum and amounted to $ 1969. A day earlier, on November 23, by the close of trading, prices rose by more than 8% and exceeded $ 1,065.

November 9 Gazprom reported on the beginning of the implementation of the plan for filling underground storage facilities in Austria and Germany. This was done on behalf of Vladimir Putin, who, at a meeting with the head of the company, Alexei Miller, said that “stable and rhythmic fulfillment of contractual obligations will create a favorable situation on the European energy market”.

Later Miller also statedthat this year Gazprom will overfulfill the plan for pumping gas into European underground storage facilities through the territory of Ukraine. “Various routes of gas transportation are used. Including – through the territory of Ukraine. Our obligations under the transit agreement with Ukraine will be exceeded this year. No sooner said than done, ”he said.

After the statements of Putin and Miller, the gas price dropped just below $ 900 per 1,000 cubic meters. m. However, on the following days, the exchange quotes again went up, exceeding $ 1100. This happened against the backdrop of the decision of the German regulator to suspend the certification of Nord Stream 2.

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