General of the Engineering Troops refused to admit guilt in bribes – RBK

Ruslan Alakhverdiev (left)

Ruslan Alakhverdiev (left)

(Photo: Russian Ministry of Defense)

Major General Ruslan Alakhverdiev, the former deputy chief of the engineering troops of the Russian Armed Forces, denied any involvement in accepting bribes. The general stated this in the 235th garrison military court, reports TASS

“I agree with abuse or abuse of power, but I deny the accusation of bribery,” the agency quoted Alakhverdiev as saying.

The ex-head of the Amur space city was accused of bribery and abuse of power

Sergey Levitsky

Alakhverdiev during interrogations, he confirmed that he received money and property, but had no selfish intent for personal enrichment, and “used the money for various official and public purposes” – for example, for the installation of a monument to Afghan soldiers, repair of office buildings, reports “RIA News”

According to the investigation, he repeatedly gave instructions to the commanders and subordinates of military units to carry out work on garden plots in the Krasnogorsk district of the Moscow region, belonging to himself and to other people.

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