Get 180K off your first Bolt ride. For all iDNES Premium lines

Bolt application for driving in the city
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Cars with the Bolt logo on the sides have become a common part of transportation in our cities, just like the green scooters and electric bikes operated by this company.

Bolt now serves a variety of modern forms of movement around the city. Bolt cars will take you from one end of the city to the other, while you can quickly cover the distance on shared scooters and bicycles.

Electric scooters can also be connected to the Bolt application

Everything is very simple. You download the application, create a registration, and then first choose a car that suits you in terms of price and comfort, choose your location and order a ride. Then you just follow the idea on the map that comes to you. You can rate the idea and pay for the trip automatically pmo in the application.

Unlocking an electric scooter or electric bike works similarly. With the application, it will be faster for everyone!

What can iDNES Premium do?

Just click on the gold button and for the first few hundred of you we have a special discount where you can save 180 K from the price of the first trip with the Bolt.

Attention, the number of cards is limited and the offer will stop valid after they have been used up.

Valid anywhere in the Bolt app

How to activate kd discounts?

  • Click on the gold buttondiscounts can be displayed
  • Discounts when you copy and download the application Bolt, which is available on both Android and iOS devices
  • After opening Bolt, you have to click on the top left of your profile icon
  • A drop-down menu will open where you will find the Promo kd
  • Next, the last window will open in which you copy in the discounts where and apply

When it is valid for use until 10/10/2022.

This promotion applies only to iDNES Premium subscribers

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