Great children and wolves with their parents. Those little girls about how to respect the department

Jaromra Bednov

Communication with parents is a big problem

Jaromra Bednov at children with love. However, the long-term teacher perceives me critically. He has been familiar with the wheel and basic knowledge of the wheel for at least two decades. That probably says a lot about me, it’s almost a diagnosis in itself, laughs Jaromra Bednov, adding that she has always wanted to be a teacher.

While my friends aspired to be magicians, princesses or ballerinas, she sat all her dolls and dolls on the bed, put a crayon with a piece of pepper in front of her and used them to stand and fist. In the first grade, I had a wonderful teacher who strengthened this desire to travel in me, she remembers.


For Jaromra, the teaching profession is a childhood dream come true. I have almost twenty-two years at the department and I still enjoy it… Children are absolutely amazing, like parks for work! They are cheerful, spontaneous and open to all news and knowledge. They haven’t changed in years. I often hear the view that everyday children are like that, how… just different. But they are not children, what with me. It is the environment, the world around them, and we are adults with our approach and upbringing, she is a teacher every day.

Jaromra Bednov (48)

first grade teacher and author of the wheel project

He illustrates his experience with a concrete example: I met a mother who brought her son to them in the middle of November and immediately told me to respect his personality and not to bind him with rules and commands, as they did elsewhere, and to take into account his free will. We were at tet td and the boy was walking to them from his private bicycle. Our bikes were at four o’clock.

When, a few weeks later, I objected that the boy’s very aggressive way of asserting his freedom was limiting the freedom of the other children, she calmly replied that the other children were not interested in her. Unfortunately, we didn’t find anything in common, he states.

He added that it is always unfortunate if the teacher and the parents stand against each other. In addition, both of these parties have a common goal, to keep the child entertained for a long time and to be individual in the circle and in the team. That’s why a co-worker and a teacher are necessary, Jaromra thought.

Parents versus teacher

However, I am proud to say that during the years that he has been working in the church, he has found an overwhelming number of great families who were so-called in the same boat.

Not all cantos have it that way. Just recently, I read an article about how many young people had left school within two years. The first reason given was communication problems with parents. I see a big delay in that. No one prepared them for this, mind you.

Pedagogical faculties are still completely deficient in topics such as effective communication and cooperation between teachers and parents. And so, in my view, he is completely inadequately prepared even for work with children himself, look at Jaromr critically as a long-term pedagogue.

Dalm fuel tmatem is rated for her. No one at the faculty actually tells me how to evaluate a child’s work. The classification is therefore very subjective, where the child gets a one for his work, and in other places he gets a quiet three. And this oven is fully functional from the warehouse. But I’d rather not talk about the license plate here. I don’t like him and I wouldn’t find anything positive about him, don’t hide your attitude.

New generation

Next, he adds his personal experience with future teachers, which underlines his skepticism about the system.

Students from the University of Ostrava once drank to the mass. They were very surprised that I did not use mathematics according to Professor Hejnho’s method. Those on the high bike were introduced only to this method. After the lesson, they were very surprised, because they did not expect that mathematics would interest the children and be playful, moreover, with a path to the development of logic.

But upmn, she was surprised too. How can they put into practice people who know only one method of learning such an easy subject as mathematics? The teacher should always be creative and know more possibilities and ways of how the child can be grasped, not completely surprised.

I therefore meet many teachers at various seminars and workshops.
He gave, and his own life-long procrastination is inevitable in the teaching profession, he believes.

wheels hanging

Semine is led by Jaromra Bednov alone. I managed to get the MMT accreditation and I have a lot of respect for my other colleagues. But especially for my former colleagues, because at the end of this academic year I decided to devote myself fully to my wheel project, she explains, after leaving the department for the world after years.

Its concept was born in 2015 from the idea of ​​offering parents, in the form of links and short videos, advice, tips and tricks on how to play for a long time and at ease from preschool age to the first grade.

The project soon took on a lot of people. Among the most popular materials is the e-book Jak na nsobilku, in which I show several simple options for how to master this material. Gradually, the project grew to include its own teaching materials, seminars, workshops and online courses for children, parents and in the summer year for teachers as well, describes the pedagogue, who intends to devote himself fully and continuously to working with children and their development. But freer, it doesn’t allow even a hundred rounds, smile.

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