Group-IB founder Sachkov compared his persecution to the “Dreyfus case” – RBC

The court extended the arrest of the founder of Group-IB, Ilya Sachkov, who is suspected of treason for three months. Businessman denies accusations and calls his case “the new Dreyfus case”

On Tuesday, November 23, the Lefortovo District Court of Moscow extended the arrest of the founder of Group-IB, Ilya Sachkov, until February 28, 2022, a court spokesman told RBC.

Ilya Sachkov conveyed through his lawyer Sergei Afanasyev that he considers the accusation “a new Dreyfus case.” “I am not a traitor, not a spy or a traitor. I am a Russian engineer. By his work, he has repeatedly proved his loyalty and benefit to the Motherland. I very much ask my president, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, to allow me to be under house arrest during the investigation, with maximum restrictions, ”he said. Sergei Afanasyev also added that Ilya feels well, letters began to come to him, he answers everyone.

Sachkov was arrested on September 29 on charges of treason (Article 275 of the Criminal Code). The article implies punishment for espionage, issuing abroad information constituting a state secret, or other assistance to a foreign state in activities directed against the security of Russia. The details of what exactly Sachkov is accused of were not disclosed. Arrest of a businessman preceded by operational activities in the Moscow office of Group-IB. The management of the company passed to its second co-owner Dmitry Volkov. V interview He told RBC that the charge did not apply to the company, it was brought against only Sachkov as an individual, and not the CEO.

According to two sources of RBC in the information security market, the arrest may be related to the treason case five years ago, according to which the head of the Information Security Center (CIB) of the FSB Sergei Mikhailov, the employee of Kaspersky Lab Ruslan Stoyanov management of the TsIB Dmitry Dokuchaev and entrepreneur Georgy Fomchenkov. Mikhailov and Stoyanov were sentenced to 22 and 14 years in prison, respectively, and Fomchenkov and Dokuchaev – to seven and six years in prison. In May of this year, Dokuchaev was released on parole. Sachkov was a witness for the prosecution in this case.

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