Grushko calls Russia-NATO meeting “heart to heart” – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation Alexander Grushko assessed the negotiations that took place between Russia and NATO as “a heart-to-heart talk.” According to him, this meeting was very necessary.

“There was a kind of shake-up. If this meeting had not happened, we would not have been able to raise these questions in full, they were always somehow in the background, but in the way they were discussed today, I don’t remember such directness and acuteness. It was a heart-to-heart talk, “Grushko noted.

The diplomat expressed hope that the Russian delegation managed to convey to the NATO members that the situation is becoming intolerable and the risks associated with continuing the alliance’s current course of expansion may outweigh the benefits they receive from this policy.

As for the restoration of the Russian Federation’s representation with NATO, this will be possible if the alliance changes its approaches to efforts to ensure common security. At the same time, Grushko stressed that “Russia will not allow anyone to dictate what kind of presence there should be.” Moscow will not put up, as before, with artificial reductions in the size of the diplomatic mission.

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