Gunzburg allowed “sterile immunity” in those vaccinated against COVID nasally – RBK

Alexander Gunzburg

Alexander Gunzburg

(Photo: Artem Geodakyan / TASS)

The coronavirus nasal spray vaccine, which will be used as additional protection along with the usual vaccination, will create another obstacle to the entry of SARS-CoV-2 into the body. About this on the air of the channel “Russia 24” stated Alexander Gintsburg, head of the center. Gamalei, who developed the Sputnik V drug.

“When we use Sputnik V in its classic version, it’s an ordinary injection, which, as a result of vaccination, creates the required level of protective antibodies <...>,” he said. According to Gunzburg, those who additionally receive a nasal vaccine will have protection at the level of the nasopharynx – “at the level of the entrance gate” of coronavirus infection.

“Thus, we will not only additionally secure ourselves. <...> Such people, most likely, who will be internally vaccinated, will have sterile immunity, “said the head of the center. Gamalei. This means that the vaccinated person will not carry COVID-19, he explained.

Gunzburg earlier emphasizedthat a nasal vaccine cannot replace an injectable vaccine, it should be used for additional protection. At the Center. The gamaleas reckon that both drugs will complement each other.

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