Gunzburg named the condition for the modification of “Sputnik V” for the delta strain – RBK

If necessary, Russia can quickly set up production of the Sputnik V vaccine, modified for the delta strain of the COVID-19 coronavirus. This was reported to “Interfax” by the head of the center. Gamalei Alexander Gunzburg.

“The implementation will not be difficult, because now the production workers already know all the nuances and, I would say, all those bottlenecks that need to be modified in order to get the maximum output,” he said.

Speaking about the timing of the introduction of the modified vaccine into production, Gunzburg said that this could happen “quite quickly.”

November 21, the deputy head of the center. Gamalei Denis Logunov, at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, said that with a critical decrease in the effectiveness of vaccines against coronavirus, existing developments will be applied. “We have developed all the vaccine strains needed. And in particular, for the “delta” we have fully developed, created and – moreover – produced in limited conditions: adenovirus type 26 first component and adenovirus type 5 second component. Therefore, if necessary, if suddenly we see that the efficiency is really critically reduced [реализуемой вакцины], <...> we are ready and will apply these developments, “he said.

Meanwhile, Gunzburg stressed that how long it will take to test the newest drug “will need to be discussed if the effectiveness of the vaccine begins to fall.” “Then it will need to be modified. But the regulation on this issue has not yet been approved. We know how to make a new vaccine from a new strain quickly enough, if necessary. This technology is completely ready for us, the shift has been worked out. But it is not known how long the tests will take and according to which scheme – influenza or a fundamentally new one, ”he explained.

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