He also sent a letter inviting him to the Russian army to an Czech influencer, following him

The invasion of Ukraine has been going on for less than half a year, and its effects are felt by the residents of both countries. Touch the Russians and the Ukrainians in the Czech Republic. Invoking letters to the general conflict in Ukraine, many have been sent, they also invited influencer Tim Kouchov, creator of the Debatn denk channel.

Hello vichni, mm a very sad beginning for you. As many of you know, I am Russian by origin and today I received a call-up order to the Russian army for the conflict in Ukraine, Kouchov introduces his new video on TikTok. Because I also have a Czech religion since 2016, I will not be extradited to Russia and I will not have to deal with the wolves. He also demands pity for the other citizens who had to join the Russian army. He has put them on the side of Ukraine and is showing support.

@debatnidenik Glory to Ukraine! #esko #Slovakia #trend #fyp #fy #foryou #foryoupage ♬ original sound – DebatniDenik

His video soon went viral. Not all commenters believed him. Teach me the order, I don’t know that you drank by one They issued an order today and did you get a permit today? pt gave Look at the wall mobilization that President Putin announced that day. It should concern 300 thousand reservists and not inexperienced ones.

To dispel doubts, Kouch responded with another video that details the entire situation. He explains that due to his Czech religion, there is no legitimate way to extradite him to Russia. My grandmother, who is in Moscow, received a letter in which there was a request for her in-laws to join the army. describing. Although his name was not mentioned in the letter, it was clear that he was concerned. In the letter, it was written that, as a hunter, I should go to the army, because I am a Russian soldier who escaped to the Czech Republic. According to the letter, I am legally obliged to go to the army for about two years, to Kouch.

@debatnidenik Glory of Ukraine #esko #Slovakia #fyp #fy #foryou #foryoupage ♬ original sound – DebatniDenik

According to the talk about the fact that we cannot move to Russia, because the ranks would notice it immediately and he had to fulfill his military duty. After his second video was published, many commenters apologized to him. They acknowledged that they did not have enough information and were therefore skeptical.

On his channel Debatn denk, Kouch deals with various political topics. On his missions, he debates with people who have different views than he and invites experts on issues that he does not understand.

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