He was carrying a gun and 17 cartridges

Photo | Courtesy Police | HOMELAND

This year eight illegal firearms have been seized in the jurisdiction of the Caldas Police.


The Caldas Police reported the capture in Norcasia of a man who was carrying a firearm without the required permits. The arrest was made in the sector known as El Mirador, La Quiebra village.

On the site, uniformed officers from the institution who were carrying out patrols made the request to a man, a native of Honda (Tolima), for a personal record.

During the procedure they found a 38-caliber Llama Martial revolver. It also had 17 cartridges of the same caliber.

The accused, after the hearing to legalize the arrest and imputation of charges, was imposed the measure of intramural insurance. It is investigated if he intended to commit a crime.

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