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Senior Researcher, Department of Molecular Pharmacology and Radiobiology, Russian National Research Medical University named after V.I. N.I. Pirogov Vladimir Rogovsky named drugs incompatible with alcohol. His words transfers agency “Prime”.

Paracetamol, antibiotics, and statins (drugs to lower cholesterol) should not be mixed with alcohol, Rogowski said. The pharmacologist noted that even a single dose may be enough for a lethal outcome – alcohol enhances the work of enzymes that metabolize drugs, and can also increase side effects.

“As a result, a toxic metabolite can quickly accumulate, or the drug will work worse, or, conversely, the effect will increase. Indeed, sometimes it is the metabolite (the substance that is obtained after the enzyme works) that has the properties of a medicine, ”the specialist explained.

Formerly nutritionists and doctors named dangerous consequences and diseases that can lie in wait for those who like to drink one glass of wine every day. According to them, frequent alcohol consumption increases the risk of developing breast cancer, especially in women whose relatives have experienced this disease. “Cancer of the tongue and esophagus is directly related to the use of wine,” – said the experts.

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