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Specialists of one of the largest British charitable organizations Macmillan Cancer Support called a clear symptom of cancer that a person can detect simply by bending over, reports Medic Forum.

Doctors said that the signs of a tumor, as a rule, differ depending on the affected part of the body. Most often, they manifest themselves in the form of emerging headaches, deterioration of well-being and vomiting. It is noted that pain in the head can increase in the morning, during bending, and also when a person sneezes. In the event of such symptoms, it is recommended to visit a doctor and undergo an examination.

Formerly at Cancer Research UK warnedthat signs that a person has lung cancer may show up in other parts of the body. They noted that this severe disease usually lacks signs by which to determine its presence. However, as it progresses, the symptoms become more noticeable. The most common of these are a cough that persists for three or more weeks, and chest infections that recur after the person has recovered.

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