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Two holidays in the calendar of memorable dates of our country stand side by side – the Day of the Prosecutor’s Office Worker and the Day of the Russian Press, celebrated on January 12 and 13. They were established in honor of the events of three centuries ago.

On January 12, 1722, by a personal decree of the Emperor of the Russian Empire Peter the Great, the post of Prosecutor General was first established and the institution of the Russian Prosecutor’s Office arose. And almost 20 years earlier – on January 13, 1703 – the first Russian newspaper “Vedomosti” began to appear, the editor of which was the same Peter I.

It turns out that history itself has put two professions side by side – the prosecutor and the journalist. At a recent press conference in Krasnodar, this was noted by the Kuban prosecutor Sergei Tabelsky. In his opinion, representatives of both professions perform, in fact, one common task – they stand guard over the law and human interests.

The journalist covers people’s problems, talking about them, and the prosecutor helps in solving them. Moreover, the media do not just shape public opinion, but sometimes influence specific destinies, which the author of these lines has been convinced of more than once by his own example.

Must be a lawyer

At one time, I myself wanted to become a prosecutor, which, I remember, I wrote about in the application form when I entered the law faculty of the Kuban State University. She graduated from school at the age of 16, and immediately became a student, however, not a day, but an evening department. She worked during the day and studied the laws in the evenings. And it so happened that I got to the editorial office of the regional radio, where soon my first reportage was broadcast.

That’s how I came into the profession, putting in a back box a university diploma of graduation from the Faculty of Law. It was not useful to me, which cannot be said about the knowledge acquired at the university. Over the past years and decades, I had to use them more than once in the preparation of materials about people in difficult situations.

Some were left without work, others lost their homes, and still others were under a law enforcement rink. Moreover, the reason for the misfortunes that fell upon them, as it turned out in the course of the journalistic investigation, most often became not only their own mistakes, but also the intrigues of dishonest individuals who know how to establish the necessary connections in bureaucratic corridors and law enforcement structures. A lot of similar stories taken from life have been told, first on the radio, and for the last 20 years on the pages of Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

Kushchevskoe business

After my articles, criminal cases were initiated, as happened in the fall of 2005 after a series of exposing publications by RG about the criminal events in the village of Kushchevskaya. Then it was excited a dozen criminal cases, the person involved in one of them was the head of the Kushchevskiy ROVD.

However, the main “hero” of the investigation, a local deputy and “philanthropist” Sergei Tsapok (everyone recognized him, although only his initials were indicated in the article), thanks to the efforts of influential patrons, they avoided answering. And five years later, after the massacre in the village of Kushchevskaya in November 2010, when 12 people, including four children, became victims of Tsapkov’s bandits, the whole country learned about Tsapki. And she shuddered.

Not everyone likes such articles. Moreover, when they become a pretext for proceedings, and sometimes the initiation of criminal cases. However, no one of the defendants filed a lawsuit after my articles.

The story of a house

But the last year and a half I have spent as a defendant in the claim of the residents of Krasnodar Tatyana and Nikolai Yakovenko. I learned about their existence in the spring of 2020 from a letter to the editor.

It was about the troubles of the young family of Nina and Andrei Zhvanko, who were forced to wander in strange corners with two young children, although they should have found their own roof long ago: they started building a house back in 2017. The reason is in Yakovenko’s neighbors, who seem to have liked the Zhvanko plot.

Through their efforts, the situation was brought to a dead end: Zhvanko was ordered to demolish a new building, called for some reason an unauthorized building, although it had all the permits. Two of our materials caused a great response in 2020. I note right away that second article was prepared with the active participation of the prosecutor’s office, whose checks confirmed the facts set out in first publication

After the outbreak of the scandal, the regional authorities took control of the situation. However, the decision to demolish the Zhvanko house under construction, which passed all the authorities, did not allow finding a way out of the artificially created dead end.

Events began to develop directly according to a detective scenario – with rigging of materials of a civil case and other “oddities”, described in detail in the third article devoted to this story. It ends hard enough. Who is the power in the Kuban? And is she able to protect a person? And in this case, a young family with two small children?

Finally, at the end of last year, the regional court rejected Tatyana Yakovenko’s private complaint. And now Zhvanko has every chance to complete the construction.

Investigation continues

In parallel to this litigation, another litigation was developing, in which the Yakovenko’s spouses also acted as parties. Soon after our first publication, they filed a claim for the protection of honor, dignity and business reputation against the editorial board of Rossiyskaya Gazeta and me.

The police investigator came to my house late in the evening, practically at night, but thanks to this visit, I learned what the applicants were accusing me of. It turns out that since 2017 I have been collecting negative information about the Yakovenko family, which is subjected to cyberbullying (harassment on social networks). By that time, my first two articles had already been published. And they “walked” on the Internet. Users wrote their comments.

So the statements of representatives of the Yakovenko family can be regarded as an attempt to oppose legitimate journalistic activities. Maybe you should tackle this topic? After all, impunity, as you know, leads to irresponsibility and permissiveness.

Happy Holidays! Dear colleagues and readers!

I congratulate all of us on our Day of the Russian Press! We’re writing. You read – and create a public outcry by helping journalists press for truth and justice. And that, too, often takes courage. Thanks!

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