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The city is also sparkling with New Year’s garlands, there are artificial elegant spruces on the squares. But many Muscovites have already begun to get rid of unnecessary New Year’s “beauties”. The action “Christmas tree cycle” launched in the capital helps to give a second life to such trees. How many Christmas trees have already been handed over, what will be made of them, correspondents of “RG” found out, having visited the largest tree reception and processing center in the city.

This year, the action “Christmas tree cycle” has become even larger. At the request of Muscovites, 580 collection points for natural Christmas trees were opened, that is, 30 collection points more than a year ago. And these points are not yet nominally open. This is clearly seen from the mountain of almost 500 Christmas trees at the reception and processing point located in the Ulyanovsk Forest Park of the TiNAO, which is not far from the Rasskazovka metro station. Here on the spacious recreational territory of the park, not only residents bring spruce trash, but the city also brings trees collected from the townspeople from the points of the “Christmas tree cycle”. By the way, two processing points are located in Zelenograd and Kuzminsky forest park.

There is also a crusher next to a three-meter pile of Christmas trees. It is the most powerful such device in the city’s arsenal. It can crush 10,000 trees in 24 hours. Of course, if they are.

“Now for the first time in the season we will launch a crushing machine,” Vera Strukova, deputy head of the Mospriroda State Budgetary Institution, tells RG. With these words, another tree, only brought by a local resident, is sent to the general heap. I ask the man why he brought spruce so far from residential areas. “I’ve known about this collection point for coniferous trees for a long time,” Vasily Safroshkin, a resident of Rasskazovka, explains to RG. , not a Christmas tree. But looks don’t matter, do they?”

At this time, the crusher starts the engine. While it is warming up, the driver adjusts himself from the cab to the clamshell arm. The crusher itself is a large structure with a funnel for receiving garbage, inside it is a spiral and a grinder, the finished product flies out through a high chute.

Photo: Konstantin Zavrazhin

Here the paws of the manipulator lowered and pulled out the skeleton of a new Christmas tree and a stale, but still elegant fir from a pile. Disappearing in the funnel, no wood chips fell from the chute. The next capture is a couple more firs. The wood chips fired only a few minutes later, but they sprinkled not only with sawdust, but also with green powder. This powder is all that is left of the needles. “Breathe deeply, there are solid phytoncides in the air, and drops from a cold are not needed,” Vera Strukova laughs.

According to the experience of past years, Christmas trees will be actively brought after Epiphany.

“Our goal is to form a culture of consumption among Muscovites, to teach them to sort waste,” the specialist continues. “If a tree is thrown into a container near the house, it will go to the landfill, and, instead of being useful, will rot for years. Muscovites hear our calls, so more and more Christmas trees “We recycle. In 2016, when the first point was opened, only about 400 trees were harvested. In 2017, 7,000 trees. And last year, 44,500 trees were disposed of, obtaining 200 cubic meters of wood chips.”

The resulting shavings are sent to parks for backfilling ecopaths and enclosures. Part is left for the manufacture of humus useful for plants. For these purposes, after a short time, the wood chips are mixed with the biological waste of the Bitsa complex. After three years, excellent fertile soil is obtained. He goes to the capital’s lawns to feed the park vegetation.

Whoever takes the spruce far to the TiNAO can bring it to a collection point in their area. The points are fenced areas, decorated with posters “Christmas tree cycle-2022” and a picture of a typical Moscow family (mother, father, child and dog) carrying a fir tree. As well as the signature “Thanks to you, the city will become more environmentally friendly. A point for receiving Christmas trees for processing.” In the north of the capital, one of the points is located on Verkhnyaya Maslovka Street, 28, another one is on Raskova Street, 25. There are 45 such points in the Northern District. There are no less of them in other districts, including Zelenograd and TiNAO. You can find the closest one here.

Recall that unnecessary coniferous trees are accepted for processing without tinsel, spraying and decorations. The campaign for the reception of conifers will last until February 20, but if there is a need, then until mid-March.

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