How to keep the summer sparkle? Seven tips for autumn sleet

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I belong to the “solar people”. I love summer and the very first part of the year when there is more and more light, sun and heat. And before the white duvet that I enjoy comes to the hills, I take at least the summer at the mercy of grandma, when the mornings and evenings are already cold, but during the day one can be exposed to the sun and a colorful palette of all autumn shades.

But this year, grandma’s summer was forgotten somewhere. How is a person supposed to keep the hard-collected juice when we have November straight after August? With the rapid onset of gloomy days, even lovers of autumn romance lose their energy. The sun is not offered to us, instead we fly between work and home with an umbrella over our heads, we pull warm parkas and coats from the closets and clouds fall on us.

Light and heat naturally decrease, and people, doped up with an energetic mood during the summer, are suddenly overtaken by chills, anxiety and depression. In addition, the faucets at the radiators are turned off and the first germs from the school desks… Defend yourself in time!

Movement can do wonders

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Grab your gym clothes, or at least your sneakers, and head out before the Roman girl jumps on you and you get a chance to make an excuse. As long as it doesn’t rain…

Yes, the days are short and you don’t have much time after work, but try to take the positives out of these days and use them to your advantage: maybe it’s not so hot and you can do some nice sports. Instead of early evening, when the sun is already quickly disappearing behind the hills, try going out in the morning before work: you will get the blood flowing in your body and wake up your brain. Especially creative people will appreciate such a start – after a quick warm shower you will experience a beautiful productive morning.

Are you tired of running and don’t have time for walks in the morning? Before you go to the gym or the studio for a yoga class, try a scooter! It’s great cardio that’s gentle on the joints, great for toning the whole body, and sexy. Read more about the cycle here. In short, try to take advantage of the moments when there are no wet ropes coming from the sky and exercise outside. Such a move will charge you twice as much.

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