I can get out of it, the dog pork in the premium Pilsner Konek horse

I hoped that we would take time, alas, it did not work out. But we will continue to work and I am sure that it is possible to get out of it, said Konek.

Somewhere in the centre, he went to A-tm on Monday from the youth team Pilsen together with his assistant Frantik Bombic. Martin Straka, f Pilsen, first chained the retired duo Vclav Baouek – Milo ha, which ended in a new season after two rounds.

Just neekan roda (at least) didn’t have the effect. It didn’t help either that Straka joined the new coaching tandem on the bench.

What did you try to change the other day?
It’s been a while, we had those days. But we work with darkness. We are trying to simplify the system so that the game is not complicated. They had two fights behind them, I don’t think it’s a crisis, but the guys have it in their heads. We tried to set them to be mainly positive, but unfortunately it was not reflected in the result.

Was Pardubice that much better?
Have a very good tm. The first time we were giggling, we only had a few days of sunshine. The boys wanted a lot, maybe they were overmotivated and that’s where the mistakes came from. In the kind of aunts, we lost the wheels and gave the competition the opportunity to hide. With a score of 0:3, it was a lot of trouble, but this match was the best of the sides. We dreamed, at 1:3, then they set up the game, but in the end we just chased.

Martin Straka was with the members of the if club at the event. Is it permanent?
See you according to the situation. Franta Bombice and I fell head over heels into it, Martin spent time there. I have it divided. Franta paraplegia, j tonks, let’s do it ourselves. Before the game, Martin and I agree on the variants of the bets, he watches the game independently and tries to test his knowledge.

Did you see any positives in it?
Urite. At the time, Pardubice was a medium letter, we were able to counter the pucks, simplify the game, in that letter we both managed to hit the ball. He is out of it. Another day, we will continue to work.

The bed sheets didn’t look bad either, you were able to create pressure in them.
We ate that right after the match. e pesilovkov formation works very well. Resolve these situations as if you were weakened. I hope that we will use more ancs in the book.

It was an extra league premiere for vs. How did you honor yourself?
I wouldn’t say there was any nervousness. But hey, it was the first rescue, feelings were low. It didn’t work out as a result, but we will work hard.

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