iinsk revealed his mistress before the elections: I want to be mayor, so I will say something about my love

Politics in our country is given by politicians in costumes and politicians in suits. Don’t show your family idiots too much. But the family bakes each of us utv. Because we are what we are. The people we love are a mouthful. In addition, the Prague mayor’s family is a bit of a mouthpiece and a representation of the city. Because I am running for mayor, what can I tell you about my family? wrote Jan iinsk on Facebook.

In the photo, he showed model Klra and their two daughters. He even made a complimentary comment to you that the father of these daughters must be able to organize anything and that he will never underestimate women.

My beloved wife Klra patiently dreams that I am at work from morning to night. When I said eight years ago: Don’t worry, I won’t be elected mayor of Prague 7, she agreed to let me go. Then after three years I said: Don’t worry, we won’t be elected to the master’s degree, so I’ll be at home after the elections. Here’s a quote: Don’t worry, I don’t want to be elected mayor, I’m happy to do so, describes a candidate who evidently considers the version of his election as very reliable.

Klra is a linguist, songwriter and educator. He plays the violin perfectly, sings, goes downhill and runs on the lychee, climbs the via ferrata with me and the children. Our wedding thirteen years ago, it was the longest and most beautiful choice of my life, recalled iinsk nostalgically.

Those apartments on the manelka, dm in Jizerk

A large family lives together in Prague 7, where the mayor of Prague is the mayor. In Veletrn Street, these are the apartments that are registered to his wife, but he continued to live at their address even though he was married. Manelka Klra is also a singer.

Right next to this apartment on the same floor, there is also an apartment owned by an association and a Swedish fund, where the human vagr figures. In total, these apartments occupy essentially one floor with a living area of ​​200 square meters. At the current market prices of Prague real estate, the value of such an apartment is estimated at ten million crowns.

On Jan Iinskho’s manelka are written those flats,

In addition to prestina apartments in the center of Prague, Jan iinsk also owns several properties in the foothills of the Jizera Mountains. This is, for example, a newly renovated house with land in the village of Vysok nad Jizerou. According to the server Aktuln.cz, he bought it for only one thousand crowns. A half-demolished house in the neighborhood is currently being offered on real estate servers for around six million crowns. In the same village of Iinsk, he also gave real estate. He got it at auction in the foreclosure for only 250 thousand crowns. At the time when he lost two plots of land with a house, he served in the subcommittee for enforcement, insolvency and the PSP R department.

Of the seven, the family of the Prague patriot and scout is obviously not going to, because in addition to the position of mayor, he would so often run for the post of mayor. The chairman of the Praha sob club, the mayor of Prague 7 and, until last year, a member of parliament for the KDU-SL, he has accumulated fifteen public functions and has made significant progress in politics over the past few years.

On Saturday, the voters will decide whether this election will also be a nightmare for the family.

What did Ldr hnut Praha sob write about his family?

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